Can you describe colors to a blind person who has never seen.

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  1. reggieTull profile image60
    reggieTullposted 9 years ago

    Can you describe colors to a blind person who has never seen.

  2. marisuewrites profile image58
    marisuewritesposted 9 years ago

    My mother was blind, but for most of her life she was sighted.  As she lived without sight, she gradually lost her mind's eye.  I took on the job, of trying to keep it alive.  Every night, I would talk colors and vivid descriptions.  We would start from a point of what she could visualize and try to add to it.  For instance, if she remembered and could see a "fire" in her mind, I would talk about all the colors, blues, oranges, reds, whites, and then name other things that would be that color, like a red dress, an orange shirt, a firey sunset. 

    For one who has never seen, I would suggest reading more about Helen Keller, and how they described things to her, and research what they do for the blind in their special schools.  I know they often go by feelings, like white and blue are cool, and red and orange are hot.  Black is night/darkness, no sight, light or bright is hot. 

    I've seen remarkable paintings by the blind, not many can do it, but some "see" things even tho they have never seen.  The mind is an amazing computer. 

    Being blind affects everything, your tastes, your hearing, your feelings, your mind.  I grew up helping my mother see with her mind's eyes.

  3. gusripper profile image40
    gusripperposted 9 years ago

    I believe you can describe everything to a blind person but you never find out how the person understand the sight of a thing while he can not describe to you back.It is a circle with no meaning if you know what am talking about.

  4. Jae1988 profile image60
    Jae1988posted 9 years ago

    i would think so, i say that only cause i saw a movie where a mother had a baby. about 6months after birth the baby went death and blind. it was in a cradle and mom was making big noise but no reaction from the baby. growing up it got hard so they brought in a doctor to teach the child sign laguage. she was about 12yo when the doctor came. the doctor took the child into a cabin in the woods away from everything and started making her feel stuff like apples and water and put the sign for the word on her chest.

    its more to it an hard to explain
    i dont know what the movie was called but it was an old movie about the late 70s or80s
    the babys name was helen

  5. profile image0
    lyrogersleposted 9 years ago

    Describing colors to a person born blind? Why? What does it matter to the person? They can only rarely use the information and only then amongst the sighted. We do not need to know about colors for day-to-day living, although perhaps knowng this is a sort of mental exercise for fun.

    When you attempt to force someone to be visual when they are not, you are attempting to manipulate and control the person, not trying to help. You are trying to assume superiority over the person and beat something into his or her mind that is useless. If you are abusing a person in this way, stop.

    By the way, the "death and blind" child (deaf and blind) was supposed to be Helen Keller, who was not born blind. The movie was The Miracle Worker. Notice that the characters did not attempt to make Keller know about useless information such as color.

  6. profile image0
    HSPrincessposted 9 years ago

    You can only describe colors to someone who never seen it by describing what it would feel like.

    Use the emotions colors portray when you look at them.

    You can use the warmth of the sun to describe what an orange, yellow, or sun would feel like.

    Blue and white for a little breeze, and etc.


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