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Who are the greatest comic characters of all time?

  1. SeanMcEwen profile image73
    SeanMcEwenposted 8 years ago

    Who are the greatest comic characters of all time?

    I am doing a survey and would like to ask the hubpages comunity.  The criteria is as follows:  Characters must have appeared in either a comic strip, comic book, or a graphic novel.  Characters such as Calvin and Hobbs that are inseperable can be listed together, in the cases of superheroes where multiple people have portrayed the character I need you to tell me which one you mean.  Manga is eligible as well.  I am asking people to consider effect on pop culture as well as their personal interests.  I am looking for your top 50.

  2. bill yon profile image74
    bill yonposted 8 years ago

    O.kay here we go Super-Man,Bat-Man,Wonder-woman,Spider-Man,the incredible Hulk,X-Men,Wolverine,Charlie Brown(the peanuts by charles shultz)

  3. dabeaner profile image55
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Calvin and Hobbes.  Ming and Flash Gordon of Flash Gordon.

    Do the ducks, cows, dinosaurs... in Gary Larson's "The Far Side" count?

  4. Mike Lickteig profile image86
    Mike Lickteigposted 8 years ago

    If you consider the effect on pop culture, the greatest comic characters likely include Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men among comic heroes.  Comic strip characters must include Peanuts and Dilbert recently; historically, it seems perhaps Dick Tracy and Li'l Abner might make the list. 

    My PERSONAL list would include Calvin and Hobbes from the comic strips and the Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange and Howard the Duck from Marvel Comics; DC comics would certainly include the heroes mentioned above, but also the Doom Patrol, the Legion of Super Heroes, and Deadman.

  5. jake13edward profile image59
    jake13edwardposted 6 years ago

    Calvin and Hobbes,Captain America,Spiderman,Wolverine,Iron Man,Thor,Magneto.Hulk.all of the xmen the fantastic four and almost all of the marvel universe including some of DC characters.

  6. zaton profile image78
    zatonposted 12 months ago

    Hands-down - Superman. He is the mold from which the modern superhero sprung. Clark is uncomplicated, good, just and caring - exactly what we would need in a true hero. Batman is the hero we think we want; but truth be told, he's probably a sociopath and the veneer of civility could slip if he experienced further devastation.
    http://pinstor.us/articles/hulk-vs-supe … th-titans/