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Write me a poem JJ

  1. Jess Killmenow profile image60
    Jess Killmenowposted 8 years ago

    Write me a poem JJ

  2. profile image0
    Pachuca213posted 8 years ago

    You paint what you see,
    With your heart and your soul.
    You search for the love,
    that cannot ever grow cold.
    You long for the touch,
    of a lover so true.
    You wish for a love,
    so similar to you.
    Your heart is so open,
    so candid and flowing.
    Your words are so clear,
    so experienced and knowing.
    You wanted a poem,
    that would be just for you.
    Well here is that poem,
    so special and true!

  3. Laurie Favelle profile image61
    Laurie Favelleposted 8 years ago

    Like a cypher
    You reach out to a world
    You cannot touch.

    Like a ghost
    You breathe a breath
    Unseen, unfelt.

    The cartoon character
    In images unreal
    A reflection of life imperfect.
    Pain it cannot feel,
    Suffering it cannot heal,
    Love it cannot steal
    Hope it cannot reveal.

    Reality, a simple reflection
    Of foolish and desperate deception!

  4. GusTheRedneck profile image74
    GusTheRedneckposted 8 years ago

    Jess... Well, you really did ask for this...

    Another really Dumb Poem:

    "Dear Jess Killmenow...
    Kindly let me know just how !"

    (Keep smiling, Friend.)

  5. Gabriel Geny profile image56
    Gabriel Genyposted 8 years ago

    At peace with all the universe
    Yet filled with zestful fire,
    Serene with past achievements,
    Alive with new desire,
    Aware of distant galaxies,
    A pebble I admire.

    The past informs and reassures.
    The future beckons bright.
    I face all human misery.
    And plan to set it right,
    The genius of humanity
    A constant, fresh delight.

    I know the past and plan ahead
    Yet live the now that's real.
    I act by thought and logic.
    I just feel the way I feel.
    I don't confuse these separate things
    Nor wind them on one reel.

    What scars remain from long ago,
    What frogs still clog my brain
    Yield to the daily tears and yawns
    That let me think again.
    My use of all my gains includes
    Continual further gain.

                                            - Harvey Jackins.

  6. K.sharperson profile image58
    K.sharpersonposted 8 years ago

    Pain and suffering has become prominent in the world today, so used to bad news that we don't think the same way. Its a different game with a different name, but if you don't get used to the rules your future is still the same. Following the same customs and the same trail, got to break the norms and choose a different path. but get criticized and outcasted. The world is different, scary, its gone astray.the world is just moving ahead while we are living in the same day.Left to deal with the problems that are at bay. Man still doesn't understand life; women don't understand men so we divorce man and wife. cruel and cold feeling of darkness and emptiness that can never be full. Unable to shape the world whole but ready to screw you over like kain and abel. In this time of struggle we turn to love but sometimes cupid misses with the love bug. Stung by the bitter taste of lonely spell that cannot be cured, thought of as a lost cause so feelings are left hung.with noone to sell to its just out of use like some spoiled produce. But all is not lost in this world the one's who have their love will watch it grow, and others won't dats how life goes. Tomorrow is never promised neither is love so I wear my heart on my sleeve, to show you my passion. I wear it proudly around like its da new fashion. But no acting this is who I be, pain struggles and all I carry myself like a G. No I don't mean a gangster but as a gentleman because a gangster may be here today and gone tomorrow , but a gentleman will be here forever. Not the most popular pick but are in dieing need, So ima represent for the dieing breed. With the world as it is it makes it hard to breathe, through the rough times I will take heed. That the world is what you make of it, not what the world make of me.