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To my many good friends here on HubPages -

According to our bossy family doctor, I am neither ready for good living or bad dying. It is an unusual situation in which to reside. (Sort of like being here on HubPages...) I will do my best to survive both our doctor lady and the hubbing stuff.

I remember back when I was young and an enlisted grunt in the military. Back in those days we'd gather around to share the military weekly newspaper with one another. There was always someone in the crowd who would ask, "What did they take away from us THIS week? (I clearly remember that question being commonly put forth every week.)

Just so that you may better understand me right now, I would have a hard time remembering how to run the mathematics to figure out exactly how long ago all of that stuff was. However, it would be best to simply recall a saying that I do remember - a definition of agelessness if ever there was one. To wit: "I am old enough to know better, but young enough to learn."

I just learned something today. How about that?

Oops ! I forgot what it was. I'll likely bump into whatever it was again soon, at which time I will attempt to re-learn it all over again.

Anyway, I am back into things over here on the HubPages pages. Oh my. There really are lots and lots of those pages. Way too many for any common, ordinary, exceptional human to deal with in a way that will please nice folks like you and that will please even the simple-minded kinds of people - like me. Therefore I will not read my own nonsense to begin with, nor will I try to navigate 100 per cent of the good writings that friends like you put here for me to enjoy.

Instead, I will figure out how to spark at you all with my dumb poems and articles best banned from viewing by those of innocent mind or, perhaps, recitable only in the Pope's confession booths or in the courthouse (after hours).

Someday I will improve upon my writing or I will gain some skill in the practice of plagiarism. We shall see.

Anyone who wants to contact me by eMail can do so via the HubPages eMailing facility.

Gus :-)))

(That's a triple smile, by the way...)

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