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I also wrote for small folks; stories & poems for Grandkid's birthday 2 - 12. Wh

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    Russell-Dposted 8 years ago

    I also wrote for small folks; stories & poems for Grandkid's birthday 2 - 12. Who do you write for?

    Storytellersus, do you write for or to a specific person, a particular group or a general audience? As an Ad Agency Creative Director, I always began each new project asking myself two questions. Who am I talking to? What do I most want to say to them? It worked for me for 60 years and it still works today, I think, with my newly discovered Hubbers audience. Actually, in pursuit of meeting other writers to learn and to share. Hub was very generous a few weeks ago printing a neat interview. Read me and I'll read you. David  http://hubpages.com/newsletter/Russell-D

  2. Russell-D profile image82
    Russell-Dposted 8 years ago

    Who do you write for?
    As an Ad Agency Creative Director, I always began each new project asking myself two questions. Who am I talking to? What do I most want to say to them?

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    eiandersonposted 8 years ago

    Who do I write for?  Anyone who will take the time to read my words.  I have been writing all my life and used this wordsmithing in many different ways.  I have written vows for weddings, birthdays as well as funeral presentations, for my children and my mother, and when no one is there to hear them, I pour my words on paper for myself. To clear my mind of the ideas that rattle around until I grab them and paint them onto the paper canvas.  I enjoy the process and relish in the satisfaction of another one's completion. 
    As of late, I use the knack of wordsmithing on my employees to encourage safety, productivity and respect.  Storytelling and a humorous antedotes bring the best out of them and has brought a decent level of success for me over the years. 
    To me the writing is a hobby I enjoy to tinker around with and should anyone chose to read anything I have written, I welcome their interest but insist on their honest opinion to the story.

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    beverleejbposted 8 years ago

    Hi, I usually write fiction for kids 10-14 as these are my granddaughters ages now.
    I graduated from writing school and the course was for  Children and Teenagers
    called "The Institute of Children's Literature."
    I do and have written a couple of non fiction stories.
    I write some for adults and my last book is a memoir.
    I am looking for an agent at the moment, but my penny rugs, ( orders) have taken me to another place well for the moment
    So to be able to meet other writers is wonderful too
    Also write poetry for children and adults.

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    Laura Thykesonposted 8 years ago

    Sounds selfish, but I write for myself. I have a deep need to express myself in many ways, and art and writing just happen to be two of them. There are not enough hours in a day for me to devote to all of my creative outlets, and each time I am caught up with one, I can hear the others call my name! I have two half finished paintings, but I can't seem to stay away from Hubpages long enough to finish them....Then I lay awake at night and swear the next day I am going to paint. Ah well, just too little time, lol!

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    Storytellersrusposted 7 years ago

    David, I apologize for not reading you and for not answering this question!!!  I did not see it.  I must get better about finding my way in HubPages.  I know I am an oldie but I am not a groupie, lol. 

    As to your question, when I write I have an audience in mind.  Sometimes that audience is myself.  I am trying to figure out something or learn something about a subject and my method of choice is to write about it. 

    When I have put together books, I also have an audience in mind.  These are my most successful stories.  I am only self-published.  I have difficulty writing for a general audience because I do not feel the reader in my writing. 

    Thanks for asking and for reminding me that this is a process worthy of sharing and encouragement.


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    screwevery1posted 7 years ago

    I just started on HP .... but i fugure i write for myself
    my doctors said it might help get all the stuff that is bottled up inside out....
    and to me , it doesnt matter wether or not people read what i have written.... but i do enjoy it when someone can relate to one of my poems or it has touched them in some way.... when someone leaves a nice comment it makes me feel good inside.

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    tlmntim9posted 7 years ago

    Quite frankly I write for me and for the knowledge that I have created something, anything while I was here.