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Write a story without using the word "and". Minimum 200 words

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    JanTutorposted 8 years ago

    Write a story without using the word "and". Minimum 200 words

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    frogget_baposted 8 years ago

    I had written it as a hub, but didn't know how to transfer it to here.  The original is an actual hub I have posted.

    Morning Delight

    The day dawned early, the bright sunlight filtering through Sabrina's bedroom windows. Stretching her arms above her head, Sabrina winced as her knuckles accidently slammed into the headboard. Shaking the pain off, Sabrina rubbed her eyes tiredly, not wanting to get out of the cozy comfort of her bed. This thought was only encouraged by the fact she was completely cocooned in the two comforters she had slept with for warmth.

    Finally, with a sigh of regret, Sabrina uncovered herself only to feel the chill air hit her skin instantly. The weather forecast had called for a chilly night, but she hadn’t expected it to be this cold. Looking around her bedroom, she saw that for some ungodly reason she had left her warm slippers, as well as her warm robe, by the chair near her bedroom door. Standing on the hardwood floor, Sabrina felt as if her toes were instantly turned to ice. Racing across the room, she quickly slipped her feet into her bright pink slippers, as well as her equally bright pink robe.

    Finally feeling slightly warm again, Sabrina shuffled her way down the hallway to look at the thermostat. She nearly choked as she realized that it had been turned off the whole night, making the temperature of the room a dismal forty degrees. Quickly she turned the temperature up before making her way to the kitchen. Sabrina started making coffee, stifling a yawn that wanted to emerge. While she waited for the coffee to dispense, she idly looked out the kitchen window. The sight that she beheld made her gasp, her eyes immediately filling with delight.

    Rushing to her back door, she threw it open to take in the wonder that was before her. The empty tree limbs that had stuck up in the air, now hung down due to the weight that was laid on them. Not one blade of grass or gravel of dirt could be seen. Every inch of the ground was covered in the snow. Ice was what weighted down the tree limbs, giving them the look that giant ice cycles had been put there to decorate the tree.

    Sabrina walked out in the snow covered ground, with just the slippers on her feet. Her mouth was open with amazing, gazing around the wonderful sight. It had been fifteen long years, when she had been an eight year old little girl in Northern Michigan, since she had seen snow.

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    JanTutorposted 8 years ago

    Hi Frogget_ba, what a lovely piece of work - in spite of the subject matter it warms the heart. Your style reminds me of someone I've read but I can't quite place it.However,I can say that it is a most enjoyable piece. Thank you for sharing and for meeting the challenge, I'm certain others will appreciate this too. Now I'm off to join your fan club...

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    RicoSuaveposted 8 years ago

    Missing in Action

    This is an official CNN report.
    "I regret to inform the general public that a word, a very common word, is missing. Police as well as writer's are on the look-out for it, but they have no idea what has happened to it. Books containing this formerly common but now elusive conjunction (similar in definition to as well as, also, along with, etc.) now have blank spaces where this word used to be. It seems that it has just slipped through the cracks of literature as well as writing. Let’s go now to our woman on the streets for a look at the pandemonium this had caused on our grief-stricken society. “
    “Thanks Matt. It is chaos in the streets as people are trying to find this little three letter word, children are crying, mothers are trying to calm them. Let’s talk to Mary Povinichk of Drury County.”
    “I just don’t know what to do. Every time I want to say something new, I have to start a new sentence. It’s such a bother!”
    “As you can see Matt, our citizens are just as confused as our police. Back to you.”
    “Thanks Jillian. We here at CNN are the first to report this tragic, shocking news, as the other news stations have yet to find a way to articulate that this word is missing without saying it.”

    P.S. This was significantly harder than I thought it would be. Great idea though.

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago


    Dark of night is approaching.  The sky is getting more eerie, more foreboding.  It is getting quiet, spookingly quiet.  So quiet one can hear a pin drop.  I look outside, now the sky is pitch black.  Pitch black would be the apt description.  Night is ever beckoning.   The streets are nearly deserted.

    I am about to make it an early night.   However, my curiosity is getting the best of me.  As I look out the window, there is no one on the streets.  Everything is closed including the stores.  The streets are more eerie and darkly foreboding than ever.  An apt description would blacker than the blackest black.  It is so black out there, it is positively infernal.   

    Then the weather changes.  It was previously clear.  Now there is a calamitous thunderstorm, followed by the most unearthly sound of lightning.   This night is not like other nights. Oh no, this night has a very preternatural feeling.  The thunderstorms and lightning continued, becoming a crescendo of sounds that would wake the dead. 

    I want to go to sleep but cannot.  What else will this night bring I wonder?  What other preternatrually unearthy will there be?   The atmosophere of the night is becoming darker and more murky.  Something is about to occur, I feel it.  My curiousity is piquing.   I remember being told that curiousity kills the cat.  No!   Now I hear footsteps walking the street.   These footsteps are like nothing I have heard before........then there is the sound of blood curdling laughter and speech that is very......unworldly.

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      gmwilliamsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Gosh darn, I have two ands.  Tried to delete them during the proofreading process, 10 minutes ran out.  Hope you read and enjoy the story!