Trying to continue story, do I create a new hub to do so?

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    hair2nvposted 7 years ago

    Trying to continue story, do I create a new hub to do so?

    Continuing a hub

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    valeriebelewposted 7 years ago

    Thanks hair, for your confidence in me.  I would divide my book up into chapters, and submit them seperately.  Then I would link each new chapter to the last one to make the story easier to follow.  You link the chapters by scrolling all the way down to the share button, then click the link button; think it is right under the button to send a hub to all of your followers, or else right above it.  Open that link and click it.  It will turn blue, then right click it with your mouse, scroll up and click the word "copy."  Then go to the site you want to link the new chapter to, and find where you want to place it, preferably with a note saying that it is a link to the next chapter.  First left click it to get your curser there, then right click it to add your link.  Your link should show up as blue.  I would test my link to make sure it works.  That will make your story easier to follow by your fans.  Good luck.  Hope this helped, as I am not a computer jock.  LOL.

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