What is poetry?

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    nicompposted 7 years ago

    What is poetry?

    Not philosophically...

    Rather, what mechanics of writing defines poetry? HubPages has many great poets. I look at their work... but it doesn't rhyme and it doesn't appear to have a discernible meter. Teach me what makes some words 'poetry' and some other words not poetry.

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    warrioRRposted 7 years ago

    Poetry is Poetry
    no one can not define what is it really.
    Poetry is the way to express your emotions not in word words but in forms of imaginative, personification and love for the lover

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    Ben Evansposted 7 years ago

    Poetry is very hard to define because it has moved from traditional poets with specific set of mechanics..........

    Breath was a beautiful wind from the west.
    A gust holds in it so much strength as it
    blusters obstacles impeding its quest.

    I apologize for my contrived example.  Many poems were written as a song might be written.

    You make me
    When you said

    Aint that a shame
    My tears feel like rain

    Aint that a shame
    You are the one to blame
    -Fats Domino "Aint That a Shame"

    Now a song my be:

    Hide and seek
    Trains and sewing machines
    All those years
    They were here first.
    -Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek"

    Music has evolved and so has poetry.  In many ways poetry has become somewhat of a expression through metaphors.  It is a personal painting with words.  Some great modern poets are able to show vast stories and evoke emotions.

    I picked up from the ground
    the rock that laid between
    my feet and the stream.
    Blood was running off my forehead
    and i could taste the iron
    as it hit my lips.

    Dizzyness caused the sting............

    If you read and stop with each line there actually becomes somewhat of a meter.  So to answer your question poetry is an evolved art much like a painting and it is hard to say any specific rules apply to poetry.  However, poetry is typically more metephorical and shortened and apeals to different people in different ways.

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