What would you like to learn more about in regards to grammar punctuation?

  1. amanda_hinski profile image58
    amanda_hinskiposted 7 years ago

    What would you like to learn more about in regards to grammar punctuation?

    I'm considering doing some more grammar/punctuation articles, but if anyone has anything specific in mind that they are needing to know more about, I'll write on that topic first!

  2. knowitallofnone87 profile image57
    knowitallofnone87posted 7 years ago

    Oh good! I consider myself a very intelligent person who has outstanding marks in Math, but one thing I've ALWAYS been behind on is reading comprehension and grammar (and what's worse is those tend to be linked)

    Here's somethings I, personally, would like answers to:

    *Apostrophe use: I've been told by numerous editors that the pluralizing of words ending with an "s" as well as their ownership is ever changing. So where is it now? If it belongs to chris, is it Chris's? Or is it Chris'? What if there is more than one? Always bugs me!

    *Semicolons: I was once told that a semicolon is just a way of saying ", and" and that's it. It's stronger than a comma in that it always separates two independent clauses, but not as strong as a period in that it keeps the sentence going. So when do you use them?

    *Parenthesis: They're supposed to be used only if you are mentioning something that can be removed from the subject matter and still allow it to make sense. It's supposed to be used only if you're mentioning a side thought, but I'm not so sure. I mean, don't we do that with commas? Does that mean you can just use commas to replace them? Makes them a bit useless then, right? And how about having other grammar in there. Can you have two sentences within a single parenthesis? How about separate quotations?

    *People speaking: We use quotation marks, I know that, but you're also supposed to start a new paragraph if it's a new speaker. So if one person is speaking, but several things happen between each time they speak, do you just have to keep throwing in quotation marks every now and then? Do you have to have a period, comma, or something like that before you throw up a quotation mark and start the dialogue? it always looks wrong to me no matter how I do it.

    So there's a laundry list one could write about when it comes to Grammar. You could probably make a hundred hubs off of just that! Hope this gives you some ideas, and (more importantly) I hope you DO write them!