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How many of you guys actually write?

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    vienna330posted 7 years ago

    How many of you guys actually write?

    I've been told i can write sooo good, i loved writing myself.One day my aunt, and her friend Jen recommended i start a blog.They told me "If you write it can go a really long way.I tried to figure out how many thing really use writing, letters,if your an author,(i dini't exactly find much).I started this blog one week after.Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Going 2 really try to make them super proud!

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    vienna330posted 7 years ago

    (Taking place in 1775)."Won't you go picnicking with us" asked Miranda Jonathon's mom "i'm sick" said Johnathon "it'll be sooo much fun" cried mom "must I go to the picnic with you" asked Johnathon "yes" decided mom "wellll I guess" whined Jonathon.One thing Johnathon's mother dini't know,he was scared of heights, his mother liked to picnic on the mountains.His mother put dry ham,vegetables,cranberries,shoefly pie and milk.Arriving at the mountains he felt he was 100 pounds and carrying a sack of bricks.Johnathon thought about every thing he was told about the mountains they were relaxing and had a great view.He walked slower than a turtle.When they finall got up to the "Top of the Mountain", the less Johnathon was scared.He ate all of his food and after he asked why they did this."Well honey, your grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Peters, they crusaded their beliefs against the british, to picnic in the mountains" smiled mom "oh, this is actually really fun"Johnathon smiled back.Maybe the top of the mountains isn't really that bad.

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    JeffEmmersonposted 7 years ago

    I do! In fact, my Memoir will be published later this year. It's titled "The Road to Myself: Unpaved and Outspoken."

    How about you?

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    Alolkaposted 7 years ago

    I do! smile Not in English though, as it is not my mother tongue.