How Do You Do Magic Spells?

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    smileyme123posted 7 years ago

    How Do You Do Magic Spells?

    I want to know how to do magic spells like to be invisible or to talk to animals! Please can someone tell me??

  2. kookoo88 profile image59
    kookoo88posted 7 years ago

    I believe magic is the creation of an effect upon the physical universe from the spiritual universe. 

    Words and gestures are a way of using the spiritual energy within the body to influence things. 

    I also believe that humanity has lost a great deal of power.  Part of it is the number of people in the world chaotically tossing about all kinds of energy.

    Magic is extremely difficult to accomplish with any sort of power in this day and age.

    Talking to animals would take a great deal of study of their habits.  You will have to learn how to communicate on their level.

    Invisibility is difficult because you have to make people not notice you.  It is counterintuitive to our nature as people tend to spend time trying to be noticed.  It's also harmful to spirituality and can lead to depression.

  3. angel115707 profile image60
    angel115707posted 7 years ago

    ummm one talking to animals is through, telepathy, you do not need a spell for that, you just simply have to believe, thats why humans lose faith or ability to believe...and do not do a spell unless you want the consequences, i do not care what any Wicaan tells you....a ritual or prayer that is intended for a natural answer to take place will not have the harmful effects of a spell, you must remember, a spell is lack of faith...trying to make something happen before its time, it will come back on you, after you do the spell, you will literally feel a shift in the air, and the spiritual world will be changed, but it will not go back to normal until it turns full circle and you are changed as much as you changed nature, you will not be released from the spell until a piece of you is given for recompense...why? God is the ruler, and allows us who are simple and stupid to manipulate energy, only to a certain extent, but if you do not believe me, try it, you will see who is telling the truth, and who wants you in a web of lies....
      I can tell you that through faith and belief you can accomplish so much more simply with a powerful word out of your mouth, in alignment with Gods will, than any petty spell ever can...I know I have been through it all....