Write Your First Book?

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  1. Seeker7 profile image94
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Write Your First Book?

    If someone gave you a good offer for writing a book - on anything - what topic would you choose? This is a hard one for me as I've lots of ideas and can't pin it down to just one.

  2. annart profile image89
    annartposted 6 years ago

    If you've got lots of ideas, go with your gut feeling - which one do you keep going back to?  I've got lots of unfinished stories, short and long.  At the moment, I find that writing hubs inspires me to further ideas, so I think writing every day and practising helps a writer to grow and develop their style and choices.  Above all, choose something that you know lots about; something in your life, personal or at work.  Which topic is easier and more interesting for you?

  3. thesingernurse profile image84
    thesingernurseposted 6 years ago

    Maybe something about an intriguing topics like infidelity or cheating... stuff like that. Hahahah! Such a crazy idea. But maybe, my book would have to be something about a survivor manual for rock band vocalists. big_smile

  4. msviolets profile image82
    msvioletsposted 6 years ago

    Fiction or nonfiction? 
    I think I'd end up writing a survival manual on living with a corn intolerance.  It's harder than it sounds!  But the references are difficult for me, since there are so few studies to reference...it's all learning as I go.  (which is why I feel it could come out as a guidebook) 
    As for fiction, the longer my stories get the more complicated I realize te storyline is.  But they tend to weave together into one every so often.  I just discovered ywriter (a program from cnet.com) and am hoping this helps me to focus and organize things.

  5. jkuhl profile image56
    jkuhlposted 6 years ago

    Considering that my book is 300 pages into its rough draft and not even half way through, I'd go with a fantasy novel.

  6. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    I am a fiction writer primarily.  Although I love reading nonfiction, that is not my gift.  I love to write what I call adventure romance novels. 

    So if offered the chance and money, I would pull one of the stories I have going on in my head and put it to paper, and love every minute of it.

    Just start writing on something and the work will pretty much take you where it needs to go.  Write write write and the ideas will narrow down until you feel a passion for one story or subject.

  7. Hezmyjoy profile image60
    Hezmyjoyposted 6 years ago

    I would write for Christian singles. In fact I did. It was getting aggravating to see singles in the faith trying to use principles to gain a mate that had nothing to do with the faith.

    I have a manuscript for males and females. All I need is a good publisher or I can self publish with enough cash. It does take more time then I thought it would.

  8. Marturion profile image61
    Marturionposted 6 years ago

    Why are you waiting for an offer?  If you are writing anything, it should be because it is what you want to write.  My first novel was one that was dear to my heart, and I like to believe it shows.  Now, since it is a legitimate question, and I did respond, I'll tell you:  I took inspiration from events in my family history, and crafted a book of mystery, intrigue, and revenge.

  9. Rosemay50 profile image75
    Rosemay50posted 6 years ago

    You are a great writer, unless it has to be a fictional novel, You  could write a book on the various paranormal which is what you are so good at. Various sections to cover various topics.
    Or it ha to be a fiction novel the why not put your knowledge into it and write a 'paranormal' story.

  10. bscott4388 profile image61
    bscott4388posted 6 years ago

    I would write about something with nature.  It would be rich with detail and internal conflicts within the characters.

  11. ufk profile image79
    ufkposted 6 years ago

    Most people agree that you should write about what you know about...and I'm sure that Setphen King once gave that same piece of advice to new writers. I'm not sure just how he deemed himself to qualify so perfectly for the horror genre...but there you have it. I wrote my first book in the 90's...just a tale about a random guy...a musician....going around the pubs of his town (Maidstone) and delving into how he dealt with his depression and frustration at not achieving the success he felt he was due. People like to read about things/situations that they can associate with (in my findings). Yes...there are times when dramatic escapism is called for...but myself I much prefer to read about the down-to-Earth side of life. I enjoy it when it feels like you are reading someone's diary....and we all like to do that ;-)

  12. LorenAyBe profile image65
    LorenAyBeposted 6 years ago

    Historical fiction. There is so much to create in that branch.

  13. tiagoz profile image57
    tiagozposted 6 years ago

    well if I was you I would write them all parallely


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