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How do you find private writing clients?

  1. cwilson72180 profile image74
    cwilson72180posted 6 years ago

    How do you find private writing clients?

  2. D22314 profile image76
    D22314posted 6 years ago

    sites like eLance are a good place to start, and once you've written for other sites like HP or Suite101 and have a good 'rep', you should be contacted to do private work. Make sure that you have a blurb on your profile talking about how to contact you, and that you're willing to write for private clients

  3. J.S.Matthew profile image82
    J.S.Matthewposted 6 years ago

    This article will discuss where to look for potential clients, how to contact them, and how to keep them as long-term customers and clients for you Home Based Freelance Writing Business. read more

  4. TheInspiredLife profile image82
    TheInspiredLifeposted 6 years ago

    How do you learn to freelance write online successfully? Learn techniques used by one successful online freelancer! read more