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How can I write faster?

  1. DanaTeresa profile image83
    DanaTeresaposted 5 years ago

    How can I write faster?

    I must have twice as many hub ideas and outlines as I do published hubs. I seem to take quite a while to get something written and published. What advice do you have about writing faster? I am a super fast thinker and I try to keep focused, with varying results.  I also am not the fastest typer. Should I invest in increasing my typing ability? Or is it more of a practice makes perfect sort of deal? Thanks!

  2. profile image0
    ctbrown7posted 5 years ago

    I find it's best to just write; force yourself to write.  Then go back and smooth out the rough edges.

  3. Connie Smith profile image91
    Connie Smithposted 5 years ago

    I think there is plenty enough people on Hubpages who can write faster.  Instead, a better goal would be to write better.  I haven't read anything of yours yet, so that is not a criticism.  Quality beats quantity and by plugging away sure and steady, you will improve both your writing skills and your writing speed.

  4. htodd profile image61
    htoddposted 5 years ago

    We should always write Quality hubs as Quality beats Quantity. Also,We should read as many books,novels to get information ,if we have information about something than we can write better and fast ..