Who absolutely loves Sherlock Holmes? If so, why?

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  1. sharonchristy profile image67
    sharonchristyposted 6 years ago

    Who absolutely loves Sherlock Holmes? If so, why?


  2. Docmo profile image91
    Docmoposted 6 years ago

    I discovered Sherlock Holmes when I was at School. I have very nostalgic memories of reading the stories sitting by a window as it rained outside. I loved the mystery, the characterization, the relationship between Watson and Holmes, the wonderful villainy of Moriarty,  the wonderfully atmospheric narratives that captured so much so skilfully and the eventual solving of the mystery that always was logical and explained clearly on the basis of the clues observed.

    The canonical stories by Doyle  have enough information but leave enough out for us to fill in the blanks with our own imagination. Holmes is also a sumptuous role to play as has been done by many such as Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, and the very latest incarnation by Benedict Cumberbatch.

    He is perhaps the very first maverick detective, the brilliant outsider archetype who beats the system, whose brilliance perhaps makes up some of his perceived character flaws ( no relationships, blunt, drug issues) ... Doyle didn't know he has created who is an enduring model for many who came later. so much so he tried to kill him off!!

  3. bborrello profile image76
    bborrelloposted 6 years ago

    The books are excellent because the stories move along quickly.  There are large portions of the stories and character development that are left unwritten.  The reader fills in the blanks, which makes for a richer, deeper experience for the reader.

    The movie scripts often fill in those blanks.  We then get to experience the essence of those stories - which is a mystery and who doesn't love a good puzzle!? 

    In any media, these tales reflect a flawed hero, which appeals to me. A spectacularly brilliant person who can accomplish amazing things, but is not even close to perfect.

  4. Huntgoddess profile image75
    Huntgoddessposted 6 years ago

    Question Number One:   I absolutely love Sherlock Holmes.

    Question Number Two:    Ouch!! 

    Difficult to say, really.

    Perhaps because there would be no crime if he were real. I started reading Doyle's (Dr. Watson's?) stories about Holmes in about 1967. I was nineteen. My little sister was twelve. She was very excited and happy when I told her about Holmes.

    A few decades later, my sister and I found out that someone we love very much had shameful secrets. I've always wondered if perhaps it might have been because of things we learned from Sherlock Holmes that we were able to see through this person's outer appearance.

    Of course, my own generation's iconic Holmes figure was Basil Rathbone. Later --- when I started reading on my own --- I found out that the Basil Rathbone - Nigel Bruce movies are not faithful to the "canon". (Still pretty good, though --- if I remember correctly. I'll have to look them up again.)

    I've been reading about some of the new "Holmes" authors, as well. I think some of them might be pretty good. I'm especially looking forward to reading the one where Holmes is called to the Vatican by the Holy Father.

  5. wordsmith2418 profile image87
    wordsmith2418posted 6 years ago

    I do, I do. I used to watch the old black and white ones on Saturdays when I was a kid. I loved how some would end with music playing in the background and a shot of a glorious sky as Basil Rathbone said something profound. LOL! It was a leap, but I like the new Sherlock Holmes that has recently come out with the young guy. I think it is BBC.

    And I loved the two movies with Robert Downey, Jr. I have also watched some of the less popular remakes of Sherlock Holmes movies. I recently watched one on Netflix that was simply horrible but I watched the whole thing anyway. LOL!

  6. Debangee Mandal profile image64
    Debangee Mandalposted 21 months ago

    I can never forget my old school days when I always used to have Sherlock Holmes books in my school bag along with the other text books. These books can never turn out to be outdated or boring. It is a must read for everyone I suggest.
                    There are several reasons why I like Sherlock Holmes books. But one of them is really valid which I love to share. Every story gives us clues with every step wise progress . But it never gives us appropriate context to come to a conclusion. This creates an excellent mysterious ambience in the readers' mind and the reader continues to read out of suspense. It is only at the end that the reader is enlightened with the actual undergoing circumstances. That is how his books are usually wrapped up and have always attracted me to read them more and more.


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