How to promote a religious book?

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    ALL4JESUSposted 5 years ago

    How to promote a religious book?

    A couple of church members have written books, I am curious if you have any suggestions for promoting their book?

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    technibzposted 5 years ago

    The best way for online promotion of any kind of book is finding a website in that niche or a community website for that particular niche, create an account and start spreading the word there. Also, if you have the budget, you can pay for ads to websites that focus on that area. Try creating a Facebook page for the book or write a sort of teaser here in hubpages. Give readers some of the highlights of the book then tell them that they can buy the full book. If it is not an ebook, also try websites that are location-based to focus on people living in the area where your book will be sold.

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    H P Roychoudhuryposted 5 years ago

    It is impossible to come to any definite conclusion about the existence of GOD, but the facts of history gives us knowledge and power to analyze, criticize and reserve individual’s opinion for the sake of others to get a mental satisfaction in the minds of a living body before losing the sense of realization of thought termed as the body of death if not the death of soul. The greatest weakness of human beings is the fear of death. But even then no body thought of dying soon. The birth of unknown spirit (the GOD) lies in the shadow of fearing death. The religious book should contain the summary of all religion instead of one particular religion and the history behind it for comparative study.  The messengers of God had created Hindus (~8000 BCE), Buddhist & Janise (~400BCE), Christian (6-7 BCE), Islam (~500-600 CE), and Chaintnas (1500 CE), among the human beings taking the advantage of the greatest weakness of human beings of fearing death. The intelligent people under the prevailing political and economic situation of the region apply their weird of inventing ‘Religion”. As the people can not go away with the fear, they are under the obligation to obey the Messengers of God to get mental peace. In writing the religious book ‘Love is God’ should get the prominence winning the heart by love and affection and not by winning the heart by violence.