thank you Lord...

  1. theinspiring1 profile image54
    theinspiring1posted 8 years ago

    with my eyes closed, on bended knees
    Lord i lay my problems, at Your feet
    my broken heart, Jesus please rebuild
    and lead me to do, all of Gods will
    i devoted my life to You, many years ago
    while submerged in water, i took an oath
    to live Christ like, and repent mistakes
    and walk not by sight, be be lead by Faith
    and my blessings are abundant, so i truly believe
    You will provide, all that i need
    but Lord - since the day, that i got baptized
    i've been constantly violated and victimized
    my eyelashes are still moist, from all the tears i have wept
    and sometimes i feel, like i'm all by myself
    trying to live in Your name, and be strong and righteous
    against men of the world, who do not think like Us
    so God please give me the strength, to forgive like You
    as i continuously fall victim, to the evil that men do
    i've been deceived by foes, who came disguised as friends
    as i constantly open my heart, and let them all in
    it seems like everytime i try to help, the down-trodden and meek
    they've mistaken my kindness, and perceived me as weak
    i've been slandered, stole from, and spat upon
    and Lord it's getting so hard, for me to carry on
    without thoughts of retaliation, anger and Vengeance
    yet i know i must remain obediant, as Your servant and witness
    that's why Lord, i come to you on bended knees
    and ask you to remove, all thoughts like these
    i pray you empower me, with all the strength that i have sought
    help me to appreciate my gifts, and not cry over things i lost
    please renew my compassion and love for my Brethren
    and help me to forgive them all, seventy-times-seven
    finally Lord, as i graciously forgive, i have one humble request
    please pardon me for not appreciating how much i've been Blessed


  2. Richard Craig profile image77
    Richard Craigposted 8 years ago

    Hey 'theinspiring1', welcome to Hubpages.  I'm pretty new myself.  I've read your three poems and they're good.  Make sure you create hubs for them though, otherwise they will get lost in the forum.