1. landilin profile image59
    landilinposted 8 years ago

    Here i sit still, like a rock in the earth's dirt. Camly waiting for a ken eye to see me out. My waters engulf my legs as my new arms grow into sprouts. I am lighted by a windows opening and crave for a solid son, but i know that i won't live to see that day. My pants are a glass vase that surrounds me like four walls inna cell---bare. But i, i am still with my entisings, still with my lonliness, still---until my last rotting day. As days go by my neck, begins to weaken like old floor boards in an abandoned house, showing my owner that i am no longer still enough to show pure beuties, the infamous eyes who lurk around in and out of my stillness. Shivering in the night as i grow older with a times tick, wondering when i will be parted to waste. But, in the morning i am still and still with natures living, with light shining on my pedals, stealing me of my pride drowning me with pain and now, now i am no longer strong enough to hold up my head i have lost my pride that comes with nature. And i am still and still forever, out of this lonely vase, and into the trash, truly a feeling of pain. Truth in the stillness is, were only still until we can't hold our heads up. And i am dead to nature now a ground feed for new flowering. But still---I am a Rose----------------

  2. Leelin profile image59
    Leelinposted 8 years ago

    A rose is a rose until it's no longer a rose.