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Can anyone help me with writing ideas?

  1. whitacre1880 profile image61
    whitacre1880posted 5 years ago

    Can anyone help me with writing ideas?

    I have severe writers block. I can't even think of something to write about. I am more into short stories and need something to write. I write mostly suspense and thrillers. obviously fiction.

  2. ajwrites57 profile image84
    ajwrites57posted 5 years ago

    Hey whiteacre! Truth is stranger than fiction. Read through some news headlines and maybe you find something there.

  3. profile image0
    Copper Manposted 5 years ago

    You might find this exercise interesting. Google "Plot Generator" and you'll find several online sites that give you a nudge toward developing a plot. Here are two of the sites. At the first one you click on a button to see different ideas; at the second you refresh your browser to get some really wild suggestions.
    http://www.springhole.net/writing_rolep … taplot.htm

    1. whitacre1880 profile image61
      whitacre1880posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      awesome!! thank you

  4. ufk profile image79
    ufkposted 5 years ago

    You just have to write about anything...whatever comes to your head...it's all practice even if it doesn't come to much. Write about what you did yesterday smile

  5. suzettenaples profile image91
    suzettenaplesposted 5 years ago

    Well, really good writing has to come from within.  Write about your own life experiences.  Is there a situation you have been in, an experience you have had that you can write about.  It doesn't have to be anything great - in fact everyday experiences sometimes make the best short stories because it is something everyone can relate to and learn from.  What is in your background - what have you studied?  This also can help you come up with ideas.  For example, if you have worked in business, write about a discussion around the water cooler that can be sad, funny, something all can relate to.  Write about a company party, what happened, what did you discover, did it make you change how you saw yourself or someone else?  Just a simple walk in the woods can conjure up ideas for a story.  While Copper man has given you a google plot generator that type of generating ideas can be very contrived.  The best writing is inspired by what is inside you, the life lessons you have learned along the way, the great joys you have experienced and the depressing lows you have suffered.  Writing is not easy and doesn't come quickly.  It takes a while to hone your skills, but a good hard look inside yourself is what is required to write.

  6. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Read the newspapers, open your eyes and look around you, there a zillion sources of writing ideas.