What are the 20 BEST things that YOU love about the color RED?

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are  the 20 BEST things that YOU love about the color RED?


  2. David Carl profile image68
    David Carlposted 4 years ago

    The best things that I love about the color red

    1.   I was born red. (See my profile picture)
    2.   Being red makes me happy, happy, happy!  (Just look at my face)
    3.   Red is a friendly color. (Don't I look friendly!)
    4.   Red is very visible. (You can't miss me waving to you.)
    5.   Red is not dull, like white. (Who wants to be dull.)
    6.   Red is positive. (The opposite of black, which is negative.)
    7.   Red is patriotic. (The American flag is Red, White and Blue.)
    8.   Red is healthy. (Red food is good for you, like strawberries.)
    9.   Red is a safe word. (As  stop on red.)
    10. Red represents love. (Hearts are red)
    11. Red represents forgiveness. (Christ's blood is red.)
    12  Red is the color of Christmas. (Red is a joyful color, see my face.)
    13. Red is romantic. (Red roses represent affection.)
    14. Red is sexy. (Red satin sheets stimulate physical interaction.)
    15. Red is easy to spell (R-E-D)
    16. Red is easy to read (Read it: red.)
    17. Red helps forecast the weather (Red sky at night, sailors delight.)
    18. Red is a sign of too much sun. (Red may mean that you have a
           sunburn!    Unless you are me?)
    19. Red has cultural significance. (Many people like to be known as
    20.  Red hair is beautiful. (That's what I would have, if I had hair.)