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When you buy something, do you typically read about it first online?

  1. CelebrateUSA profile image83
    CelebrateUSAposted 3 years ago

    When you buy something, do you typically read about it first online?

    As a writer and as an avid reader, I find that when I purchase something I rarely make a purchase without collaboration of some king. The product reviews on Amazon and eBay are helpful but I prefer an article and it appears my readers do also. I am seeing (delightfully so) more and more readers turning into buyers.
    How do you shop? In isolation or do you actively seek out blogs or hubs about the item you are considering purchasing?
    If it is a technology item, are you more likely to read online before visiting the brick and mortar store?

  2. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 3 years ago

    It depends. For instance, I needed a mattress few years ago, have a back problem but didn't want to spend a fortune.  I hit the Internet and found a good one for $100, good reviews but it did not work for my back.  My dad talked me into a bed, around $2000 worth of bed. I am not sorry I spent the money on it.  I look for ideas.  I was remodeling and was looking for everything from A-Z and reviews on products being sold in my area such as flooring.  Articles like on HP are written to sell a product, so I don't search particularly search for them.  I read what I can find and do a lot of searching for the information, pros and cons.

  3. SimPly RaRe profile image68
    SimPly RaReposted 3 years ago

    Before the days of online shopping, I consider myself already a customer, a buyer, a consumer- name it- I cannot sell anything:). When I wanted to make a purchase, of course, you go directly to the store where the product or service is.  But now that technology can almost always answer anything regarding the product whether it's true or made-up,  I prefer reading articles and/or testinonials although I determine some credibility. I won't feel bad if I haven't checked online and go shopping but I do go check  some dot coms as (ask, jeeves ???, stores rating, product reviews...) when there's time. Yes, it depends if the product is a tech item. One more thing, I think basing purchase on testimonials online is generational. My three sons born circa 1980-90 all used testimonials to shop no matter how little or trivial it is: blenders, cars, tablet, smart phones, sport shoes, garbage cans, coffee dispenser, car seats...

  4. alancaster149 profile image85
    alancaster149posted 3 years ago

    I like to know something about what I'm about to buy, otherwise it's like buying a pig in a poke.
    Usually I'll buy what I think is quality, once or twice I've bought after being recommended. Trouble is, that's no guarantee. Once or twice I've bought from a friend. That doesn't always work out either.
    As for buying from a site like Amazon, with some sort of write-up I'll have an idea where I'm being led. Most of the CD's I've bought from them I've had as music cassettes or on vinyl, and as for DVD's I've had them as videos. Books I buy on subject matter I either study for my writing (research) or my interests (divers, mostly railway-oriented, based on the North East or East of England).
    If I buy fiction I'll go by author and subject matter, something 'to get my teeth into'.

  5. Jodah profile image88
    Jodahposted 3 years ago

    I generally only research the item if I intend to purchase it online. Well, that being said I did research on solar batteries and generators online so I could make an informed decision on those expensive items. So I guess I just shot down my first statement.. smile