Biblical recording...The Coming of the Son of man(Jesus)

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    Divine S Hameseposted 3 years ago

    Biblical recording...The Coming of the Son of man(Jesus)

    Does God allow distruction rule the world before the Son of man come...really does He have to come like a thieve of the night...will this not destruct people or believers an nonbelievers.

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    Kiss andTalesposted 3 years ago

    Jesus return is based on a wonderful future for us as humans ! this is an example of how in Governments like the US  when picking a person  for office. He does not take his seat right away once he has won the possition.
    He has to be sworn in , then he takes his position at a set date.
    Jesus has already been sworn in for his Government seat in Heaven, that is why it was written

    . Luke 19: 11-12  So he said: “A man of noble birth traveled to a distant land to secure kingly power for himself and to return.

    Ezekiel 21:26
    This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘Remove the turban, and take off the crown. This will not remain the same. Raise up the low one, and bring low the high one.

    Ezekiel 21:27
    A ruin, a ruin, a ruin I will make it. And it will not belong to anyone until the one who has the legal right comes, and I will give it to him.
    That is why no more kings represented Jehovah in Isreal no temple exist there.

    Psalm 110:1
    110  Jehovah declared to my Lord:“Sit at my right handUntil I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”

    1 Timothy 6:15
    15  which the happy and only Potentate will show in its own appointed times. He is the King of those who rule as kings and Lord of those who rule as lords,

    Revelation 17:14
    These will battle with the Lamb, but because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them. Also, those with him who are called and chosen and faithful will do so.”

    Luke 1:32
    This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High, and Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father,

    Daniel 7:14

     And to him there were given rulership, honor, and a kingdom, that the peoples, nations, and language groups should all serve him. His rulership is an everlasting rulership that will not pass away, and his kingdom (Government) will not be destroyed.

    This is what Jesus return means. But like on earth in these, office of Governments they put their own cabinet members in with them to rule
    Jesus has his own cabinet number ,144, 000 will rule with him,

    Revelation 5:10
    and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.”

    Rather we take the invitation to be a citizen is how we answer to learn and apply the very things written for our instructions. 
    You can learn more on your own at jworg.
    a great library of many subjects.