American Dream

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  1. alkwu profile image57
    alkwuposted 9 years ago

    The war on drugs seem more like a war against u n me\

    Government spend more money to lock us up then to clean up its addicts\

    Legalize weed they say will bring america to it knees like the fat cats on Walls St. couldn't do it by them self please\

    2 pac dreams of a thug life has been twisted and retool to feed the big corporation machine\

    America prison are the new plantation big company invest in jails cuz the returns are amazing\

    Please don't take my words to be unpatriotic\
    The fact is that I never lost focus of the tru topic...........

  2. AEvans profile image78
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    I believe that everyone has some type of weakness cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. If a person found out who they really were within themselves and focused on there true direction they would realize they do not need any of these things to get by but happiness! The government gets rich off of so many products and the people feed off of them. None of these things will make you a better person they will destroy your life in one way or another.

    Cigarettes: Smoking these can lead to cancer etc. , they can kill my mother and husband are going through fighting for their lives with this one due to all of the chemicals placed in them.

    Alcohol: Many are addicted to this little spirit an occassional drink is fine but when it becomes continual and people crave the taste it can cause cirrhosis, etc. It can kill them or someone else especially if they get behind the wheel and drive, my father was killed by a drunk driver and again the government makes money.

    Drugs: There are so many chemicals laced into drugs nothing is truly pure, so instead of people enjoying there lives they are allowing others to get rich when they feed off of the needy who have a low self-esteem on life. People lose their lives everyday because they owe a drug dealer or they overdosed on something that was bad.

    Sex: An addiction to it when in a relationship and then going astray can cause the loss of someone that you truly love. If you are addicted be with only one partner not multiples who wants to catch anything and die? Or give it to someone else.

    Just believe in yourself and you honestly do not need any of it, love yourself from within and you will be a better person. Get involved with your community, church, groups fight back! smile

  3. profile image0
    ralwusposted 9 years ago

    Weed will be legal all across Americas by the middle of this decade I do believe. The move on it has now began in earnest as politicians see the revenue loss in taxes.

  4. mikelong profile image68
    mikelongposted 9 years ago

    "There are so many chemicals laced into drugs nothing is truly pure, so instead of people enjoying there lives they are allowing others to get rich when they feed off of the needy who have a low self-esteem on life. People lose their lives everyday because they owe a drug dealer or they overdosed on something that was bad."

    Try not to use broad brush strokes please.

    Drugs like methanphetamine, heroin, and crack cocaine...not to mention ecstasy and others are extremely harmful and addictive...and can suck people in quickly...  The reason why people try these drugs does not solely stem from low self-esteem...hardly.

    Now, I haven't tried any of these listed, but it wasn't a low self esteem that kept me from doing them....I wasn't interested....I wasn't curious.

    When hiking through the mountains, it isn't my low self-esteem that makes me light up a fact...I believe that a closer connection to the earth around me is established..

    There are harmful substances, and laws compounded by institutionalised inequality and discrimination have created manipulated demand and increased poverty...

    But I look to the creators of the system...the makers of the laws, and the manipulators of the propaganda campaigns....and there are a lot of interconnections between each of these....

    Those are the problems....and by dealing with them at their source these issues can be brought to resolution....

  5. aoiffe379 profile image61
    aoiffe379posted 9 years ago

    I am thinking about the irony of war. Young citizens are sent to a strange land to fight a war. yes, some volunteer; and at one time, some were drafted. How do they return home? Not the same mentally. So they are treated with one drug; then they get addicted. To get them 'clear' of the addiction, they are given a different drug.

    But, for many, the pain is not physical; and the addiction hides the true enemy. Have you heard about situations where young people are patriotic enough to fight for their country; but when they return and need help they are shuttled back and forth, often discouraged? No doubt, there are countless stories. I know about at least one; and maybe you do too.

    However, the war in the mind is the one that you and I fight daily, be it spiritual or psychological. Slipping into a habit is easy; and sometimes the despair leads to hopelessness and death. Thus,young people must be trained to think- to be inventors, to solve problems, to change their own lives and impact their community.


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