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Do you judge someone by what they read?

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    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    Do you judge someone by what they read?

    Political books, religious books, erotica, do you judge a person who reads something you may find distasteful?  Does it make you like that person more?

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    FatFreddysCatposted 2 years ago

    In this day and age, I'm simply impressed when I see someone reading **anything**, regardless of genre, because lots of people don't...

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      Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years agoin reply to this


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      Austinstarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      And then there are those that misinterpret what they read. Or just can't comprehend what they read. Or accept wild assumptions as facts. or maybe they prefer to READ IN ALL CAPS!

  3. Michaela Osiecki profile image79
    Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years ago

    I think it's pretty hard to judge because you can't know precisely WHY a person is reading that particular material - someone reading low-brow erotica might be doing it for a dissertation on formulaic sexism in romance novels. People reading political or religious books might be doing it for a better understanding of the world and people in it, or simply to fuel their own knowledge base. A lot of people read to escape reality and I would never fault someone for doing that, regardless of what genre transports them to a better place.

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    peachpurpleposted 2 years ago

    it is unfair to judge a person by reading the books or articles, you need to get to know them better face to face

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    JG Hemlockposted 2 years ago

    Yes I do judge but not in the way one would think that means--not condemn but judge. I actually love to see that people actually read and seek knowledge. It will show you so much of where a person is standing spiritually by the books that they read.

    Many people use the bible words out of context and they say "Don't Judge another!" This is not true.

    God's words say the opposite, to righteously judge another but do not judge from the outside appearance. We are not to judge and condemn but we are surely told to judge.

    The plank in ones eye which keeps a person from seeing the truth of another needs to be removed first before righteously judging another. The word for these type of people is 'Hypocrites.'  Example; a married man or a woman of God is freely chastising and judging a person of sexual immorality but then comes home and turns on porn, or flirts with a married person at work, or even sits in front of the t.v. watching a sex scene without turning it off. They may chastise others of not being 'holy' but then they themselves puts on a shirt that has low cleavage and they have no problem showing their twins to the world and they think nothing of it. lol

    Does God's words tell us not to righteously judge another person on what a person reads? No. He says to judge but not to condemn. The only reason we are to judge righteously is to keep ourselves on the right path with God. Simple!

    If someone has books such as "pornography, erotica, how to make bombs, how to become a terrorist in ten easy steps, how to cheat on your spouse and get away with it, kiddy porn, how to rob a bank, how to place curses on someone..." Judge righteously to keep you safe on God's path.

    You can't see a bookshelf of these books in a persons house and then complain later after you have befriended them because they cheated on you, raped your child, beat you up, went to prison for robbery, refuse to become a christian, or they pulled off a terrorist attack in your area.

    So do I judge what one reads? Yes. I judge righteously and not of outside appearances. This is what keeps darkness away from my home, family and my life. Resist the devil and he will flee.

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    Ann810posted 2 years ago


    I've read articles about witchcraft, but I'm not into it, and I definitely don't practice it. So maybe I wouldn't judge someone by what they read. And many people read the Bible that aren't Christians; movie directors read it for getting material, because they sure aren't practicing the Christian lifestyle.

    The thing that makes me like a person more are their actions and reactions to situations.

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    Cissy1946posted 2 years ago

    Not by what a person reads but whether or not a person reads.