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For those with ebook readers: Did it replace physical books or just increase how

  1. tbartle profile image62
    tbartleposted 6 years ago

    For those with ebook readers: Did it replace physical books or just increase how much you read?

    There's all this talk about how there won't be physical books anymore and that everything is going digital. As a writer, I hope that's not true. I have an ebook reader and I found I just read more because of it. I don't read physical books any less and still go to the library or buy real books. I'm hoping that ebooks will be like audiobooks in that they'll give additional ways to experience literature, but not replace anything.

  2. Colby Alan profile image59
    Colby Alanposted 6 years ago

    It increased how much I read. I have a Kindle, and I listen to it while it reads to me...a lot. It fits nicely in my back pocket (believe it or not).

  3. canadawest99 profile image60
    canadawest99posted 6 years ago

    Frankly, I stopped getting all my information from traditional sources such as TV, newspapers and books.  I get it all online now and I can pick and choose my stories and sources.  Its really liberating.

  4. cocopreme profile image95
    cocopremeposted 6 years ago

    I buy both physical books and digital books for my e reader.  I usually buy whichever version is cheaper.  There are pros and cons with both versions.  I don't think physical books will ever completely disappear.  But the convenience and lack of dusting needed with digital books are a plus to me.

  5. FaithDream profile image77
    FaithDreamposted 6 years ago

    I still like the physical books and I use them along with the ebook reader. I think the reader is convenient for traveling but I don't think it will replace the physical book. At least not for me.

  6. vashal profile image67
    vashalposted 6 years ago

    I kept some of my books, but got rid of others. For the most part I'd say having an ereader just gave me an opportunity to read more books for less money.

  7. framistan profile image58
    framistanposted 6 years ago

    I have about 50 books on my NOOK e-reader.  I didn't PURCHASE any of them!  There are THOUSANDS of free books you can get from Project guttenbergh or from barnes and noble website.   For example, if you want to get a copy of "Passing of the Great Race" by Madison Grant... you could purchase an old copy from Ebay for $500.00.  Or you could get a copy FREE on any e-reader or readable on your laptop.  This particular book was known to be Adolf Hitler's "Bible".    Many other books written 100 years ago are GOOD books and FREE. 

    However I still purchase real books.  For my NOOK reader, i use it to get FREE books.

  8. Eve Foss profile image73
    Eve Fossposted 6 years ago

    I agree with framistan. I use my ereaders (a Nook and a couple of apps on my Evo) for tons of free books. I also purchase low-cost newer books, such as independently published. Ereaders are allowing my 14 year old to read Dante's Inferno as well as the Iliad (weird taste for a kid, right? LOL).
    I love the feel and smell and sound of a "real" book, but I could never afford to go out and buy the classics I have gotten for free on my ereader. I guess I still buy the same number of print books as ever.

  9. kknde profile image59
    kkndeposted 6 years ago

    For me the physical book is the physical b ook. I don't feel the same when I read a e-book. Maybe I am an old fashion guy, but this is what I think.

  10. lorijoy profile image58
    lorijoyposted 6 years ago

    I actually have not read a book for just pleasure in a long time. I've been finishing my MBA and reading school books.. YEAH ME!! Now that I am done, I wanted to start to read what I wanted to read... so yes, I bought a Kindle and I think it does make me want to read more. It is easy to download any book and it is technology.. so I love it.. I am a geek when it comes to anything new..

  11. joshhunt83 profile image60
    joshhunt83posted 6 years ago

    On my iPad I have access to thousands of free books through the free book apps. I'm reading so much more. Some books still aren't available in digital format though so I haven't replaced physical books altogether.

  12. profile image52
    GetPriceposted 6 years ago

    none of the above. I hate the ebooks and e-readers, I love to hold a real book in my hands at that is it, nothing will ever replace that. So my reading level and time remained the same, unsoiled by the technology even though I gave the money for the damn reader, a waste if you ask me, I read only paper books.

  13. Paul Berod profile image67
    Paul Berodposted 6 years ago

    I don't believe that ebooks will replace the physical books. It's more confortable, but it's not the same. Maibe we will have to tips of books where each onde will go is way.

  14. brianlokker profile image97
    brianlokkerposted 6 years ago

    Since getting an iPad a few months ago, I find that I read more. My tendency so far is to continue reading physical books for most of my "for pleasure" reading, and I doubt that I will discontinue that practice anytime soon. But I am doing more and more of my business reading on the iPad, using either iBooks or the Kindle app. Since many of the books I read for business are useful as references after the first reading, I really like the fact that these books are portable and can be easily bookmarked, so that they are accessible to me wherever I am.

  15. profile image49
    taybay1212posted 6 years ago

    yes it did replace the books beacause people are mostly on the computer

  16. AngRose profile image75
    AngRoseposted 6 years ago

    I don't think physical books will ever go out of style.  There are a lot of people that just will never give up the pleasure of holding a book in their hand.  I have a NOOK, and I love it, but I will never give up regular books either.  I read a lot, and I can still go to re-sale shops and get paperbacks for 49 cents, and hardbacks for 99 cents, and also garage sales and get books cheap.  I can't afford to buy all the newer books on my NOOK, so I go and look for those in paperback.  But there are a lot of good free books that are available for all types of e-readers.  I like the convenience of the e-reader if I'm going to be away from home and not having to pack a bunch of books to take along with me.

  17. s.carver profile image73
    s.carverposted 6 years ago

    I go both ways, but I find that I am less likely to read the hard copy books that I buy. The portability of my kindle is hard to beat. On a recent vacation, I wanted to bring a hardback book sent to me by a friend — it sounds great and who knows when else I'd have the time to get to it — but who wants to travel with a 400 page hardback? You get the idea. I am still in love with the idea of real books, but I more often read the digital kind.

  18. profile image54
    hashaniposted 6 years ago

    well depends on personal experience of individuals,they can love it or not at all. for me i read more because i concentrate on one page at a time,when i read a book i look at how many pages in the book.well e.books are e safe keeper and where as physical books are so easy to refer and some portable depends on the size of the physical book. i think both have equal disadvantages and advantages.

  19. profile image45
    ~mylife~posted 6 years ago

    it personally made me read more and i love my nook. i would suggest it for all my book loving friends

  20. profile image0
    Aysun90posted 6 years ago

    There are still good old books which are not online and even if some of them are published as e-books I don't think we'll have them all in the near future.

    I think that physical books will disappear when there will be no more paper working. Everything will be digital, but until then is a long trip, so I don't think we'll live to see that.

  21. Daniella Lopez profile image96
    Daniella Lopezposted 6 years ago

    I've found that I read more now with the ebook when I'm going on holiday due to not having to pack so many books in my suitcase. But when I'm home, I prefer the physical books.

  22. jparkerdream profile image58
    jparkerdreamposted 6 years ago

    Reading for me isn't just a hobby it's a passion.  There is nothing better to me than the smell of a library or book store.  I have a Nook and like you said, I think I read more because of it but the feel and smell of a physical book is irreplaceable.  I also tend to give away some books after I read them.  If there is a message in a book that I think someone close to me might benefit from reading, I give it away.  It's hard to do that with an ebook.  I think for us avid readers the need for physical books will always be there.

  23. sylvia13 profile image70
    sylvia13posted 6 years ago

    I like reading books, but feel jealous when I am traveling and I see people on a plane with their Kindle, as it is not heavy, or bulky! We still don't have a Kindle, but I am sure we will get one soon, as the temptation is too big!

  24. schoolmarm profile image37
    schoolmarmposted 6 years ago

    I read a lot more eBooks now. I just find it more convenient than going and purchasing a physical book. I will still go to the store to pick up a "special" book that I want in print, but I do prefer eBooks for the most part.

  25. TechCraft profile image58
    TechCraftposted 6 years ago

    I think e-readers will replace physical books in the future: less waste of paper and more practical

  26. kaydenlee profile image60
    kaydenleeposted 6 years ago

    I love my ebook reader, and have found that I read more often now that I have it. I still spend time reading physical books as well because some times, that is just what I am in the mood for. I would not be able to choose one over the other.

  27. Jarn profile image72
    Jarnposted 6 years ago

    I received one as a gift and can't stand it. It's been gathering dust for over a year now because the screen gives me horrendous headaches.

  28. ckimani profile image60
    ckimaniposted 5 years ago

    Ebooks compliment physical books, for me it just gives me a wider scope to read , and access to books I can't find in hard copy