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What does Writing mean to you?

  1. AuthorShea profile image84
    AuthorSheaposted 11 months ago

    What does Writing mean to you?

    Is it just a hobby? is it your way of expressing yourself? Your livelihood?
    It started off as a hobby for me, but now I find myself craving that time by myself to write and think. It's become my therapy.


  2. RTalloni profile image87
    RTalloniposted 11 months ago

    The reasons you mention are important and many people have a blend of them as their reason, which is probably a good thing.  Writers have a something inside them that motivates them to do it.  Perhaps no one else ever sees their work, perhaps it always stays in their head, but they write.

    I love that writing allows me to express myself precisely if I work at the process.  When I fail to do so and make mistakes or do not clearly write what I mean I frustrate myself.  Using the frustration to renew commitment to working toward preciseness diminishes that feeling. 

    Words are fun stuff when used creatively and the enjoyment derived from using them that way is worth the work to me.  Even if the topic is serious working creatively with the words used to express myself is very satisfying.

  3. mike102771 profile image83
    mike102771posted 11 months ago

    After a short thirty-year hiatus (maybe twenty-eight I am not sure), I am trying to write fiction again. Dyslexia and the poor spelling that comes with it hampered my attempts when I was young. Along time ago I had a teacher who wanted me to write stories to improve my ability to express myself (say what I want to say). He liked what I was writing story wise but most teachers could not get past my spelling.  This was long before modern computers and spelling checks (we had a computer that used a TV as a monitor and audio tapes for storage). I have written and tossed at least five stories as of right now. I am working on story structure and dialog (something I didn’t think would be as hard as it is). So as of writing this writing means to me a way of disconnecting from the world while simultaneously holding a mirror up to it. A way to use fantasy to explore reality.

  4. TheAlexisChantel profile image60
    TheAlexisChantelposted 11 months ago

    It's my escape.
    To become a part of a brand new story by creating it in my own head, and then on paper/computer is the most therapeutic and welcoming thing to me. I can get into the zone of writing where I have so much focus that it's like I'm there. For me it started as a small hobby. I'm hopeful for writing to become a livelihood in my future because that sounds like paradise. Best job ever. For now, I am perfectly content writing stories for fun.

  5. Diana Lee profile image82
    Diana Leeposted 11 months ago

    Writing for me is an escape from reality. It is a way to release stress and avoid tension. It is a hobby like no other and it is a hobby very capable of becoming a career.