Article Writing

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    Nawaz77877posted 5 months ago

    Article Writing

    Can I write a "Story" for kids and earn money,
    Please help me to how write a articlw

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    nochanceposted 5 months ago

    You only make money if people read your article. You need to use good keywords and SEO so your readers can find you through google and you also have to have sharable elements (such as strong images) that make your content attractive to share on social media (pinterest, facebook, twitter).

    It's very difficult to make money with works of fiction and poetry simply because it is difficult to find. You're better off writing on websites that publish that sort of content because there are a lot more internal readers.

    Hubpages is best for high quality articles about a single topic. If you write for what people are searching for then yes, you can make money.