What are the Advantages and disadvantages of reading

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    Obeidat Hebaposted 4 months ago

    What are the Advantages and disadvantages of reading

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    anusha15posted 4 months ago

    The last book that I read was "My Experiments with Truth", by Mahatma Gandhi. (I should say, I am currently reading, but the gaps between two sittings is a lot)

    It is a unique one when it comes to autobiographies. I think the biggest disadvantage of this book for someone who looks up at MK Gandhi as a role model (which I don't BTW) would be disillusionment. He has confessed to a lot of weaknesses as a teenager.

    This I think is the biggest disadvantage. When one believes in something with all one's heart and soul, and somewhere or the other this belief has shaped him or her as a person, then having it contradicted is a shock. People would react to such a shock in an unpredictable manner, in my opinion.

    On the other hand, one could feel inspired by the way he overcame all those and be in awe of what can be achieved with willpower and dedication.

    There are many other advantages of reading books apart from the inspiration. Sometimes I feel mesmerized by the closeness I feel with the characters and consequently with their cultures. I feel I've visited the places they go. More often than not, you learn from their real mistakes (or even imaginary ones which are mostly derived from real life mistakes -- even if authors tend to exaggerate in order to make them dramatic.)

    The list of disadvantages would be shorter in my opinion. One item in this list would be Addiction which can be easily avoided by self-discipline. Another would be the risk of investing time in a bad book, and the frustration that you feel after finishing it. But reviews can help you there -- not always though. Sometimes, in fact, you are waiting till the last page for a miracle.

    Then there is prejudice. Sometimes the authors advertently or inadvertently present a character (even a real-life person, because the author himself or herself could be biased) with a set notion of beliefs about his/her behavior being what it is due to the inheritance, community or country. That is bound to leave its impact unless you are careful.

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    peachpurpleposted 4 months ago

    good question, reading since young age helps a child to recognize new words , able to speak faster and smart too < no disadvantages at all.