I'm interested in creative writing and earn money, how is it possible through hu

  1. Saikat Banerjee profile image60
    Saikat Banerjeeposted 5 months ago

    I'm interested in creative writing and earn money, how is it possible through hubpages?

  2. DGtal Montage profile image96
    DGtal Montageposted 5 months ago

    Hubpages can really be a good launchpad for creative writers if you keep in mind:
    1. You need to have a paypal account through which you can receive payments.
    2. It is worthwhile to have an adsense account too. Amazon affiliate programs wont help much specially because readers come from all over the world and the link that Amazon India provides caters only to Indians.
    That was the commerce part. Now about your area of writing:
    I have myself posted some of my poems which have also been selected for the network site "letterpile". But it seems that poetry attracts low traffic. (poetry publishing is good only for ego-satisfaction and feel-good factor). On the other hand, I had posted a hub on dramatizing a short story by O Henry, which is a great hit and gets hundreds of visitors everyday. (you are welcome to visit my profile to check out what I am talking about)

    My conclusion is that, use your creativity to write something that will be useful for the community, that would help them in their school projects for instance.This may include writing scripts for short skit, Indianizing a western play, translation of any vernacular good literary piece to English, original short stories with simple characters and literature for children (there is such a drop in children literature nowadays). You may even write sample letters or compositions for high school.
    the advice may sound monetary and prosaic but you asked for what would help in earning by writing.
    It is a sorry situation that internet traffic is attracted more towards what is utilitarian and mundane.

    once you get a steady traffic you can post poetic pieces every now and then if you write poetry.

    good luck.