Why can it be so hard to come to terms with the reality of the world as we know

  1. Kristyn Champlin profile image60
    Kristyn Champlinposted 2 months ago

    Why can it be so hard to come to terms with the reality of the world as we know it now?

    It seems as if nothing changes, but it seems to change everyday in so many ways. Suicide, addiction, molestion, house fires, fighting, violence, overdoses, music, and most importantly love. Now I know I am not alone in this world, but let me just say there's been times where it felt like I was. Individuals that truly experience and witness some of the deepest darkest parts of this world and it's capability to bring anyone to their knees, sometimes may fall victim to the trauma of the world changing so quickly, while also trying to deal with their broken hearts. Do we even know who we are?


  2. RTalloni profile image87
    RTalloniposted 2 months ago

    These are age-old questions, but no less concerning today than in the past. The book Trusting God Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges is a great place to begin understanding the answers.

  3. Glenis Rix profile image97
    Glenis Rixposted 2 months ago

    Kristyn, you are clearly a sensitive soul and therefore react to matters that are outside your control more deeply than many other people do. The only advice that I can give is to do what you can to make the world a better place by treating others as you would like to be treated - with love and compassion. If more people did this perhaps our world would become a better place.