What is your Favourite Horus Heresy Novel?

  1. Bundu profile image91
    Bunduposted 7 years ago

    I have been a long time fan of Warhammer 40k, the way the story has evolved over the last twenty years has been amazing and whether it was intentional or not Games Workshop has been able to keep adding to the story because of of the way the universe is created.  Any new details on the story are in essence a discovery of knowledge.

    When they decided to start producing the main story as a series of novels I knew I was going to be buying every one of them.  Written by a series of authors out of whom I know Dan Abnet is my favourite.

    My favourite book so far has been Legion because it was quite different in style and setting, almost a mystery novel.  It was a tough choice not to put the novel 'Mechanicum' in there though!

    What is your favourite novel?

  2. shape_shifter profile image59
    shape_shifterposted 6 years ago

    Never even heard of it before today, then within 20 minutes of seeing this post, I ran across a video called "Ultramarines, A Warhammer 40000 Movie" I'll probably watch it later, but here's the embed code, if you haven't seen it already: <iframe style='overflow: hidden; border: 0; width: 720px; height: 362px' src='http://www.movshare.net/embed/6dokyvxcoauau/?width=720&height=306' scrolling='no'></iframe> What a strange coincidence...