bang on your ears like screwdrivers

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    jsgree5@emory.eduposted 7 years ago

    I wish my style were dazzling
    So I could drink it up like gasoline
    A thousand words for every gallon,
    I'd think I'm part of Stalin's team:
    For every criticism cast at me,
    Combusting like an engine's dream
    Or freshly-loaded magazine
    Like a line thrown to a river to disrupt the river's placid scene
    Well I'll pull you down into the depths, you'll be the oysters' balance beam
    You're stirring ripples without warrant
    I don't want your turbulence or torrent
    And you claim it's only honesty but your honesty's abhorrent
    So I try to ignore it,
    Send back the hook before it finds the soil and claws for it,
    Roots in deep,
    Anchors in the mud like those thoughts that can creep
    into your head like thuds just before you fall asleep,
    Thoughts of daytime thoughts of high school thoughts of futures where my voice will rule
    And I hold goblets with gems and gobble what you condemn because
    I love the way my chewing annoys you
    When the room is silent and sound won't end
    And I'll make you stare at the muscles on my face
    Move out and roll in at an oil derrick's pace
    You think I'm chewing a meal but your cringing's the appeal,
    So I drill my muscles even harder, extract the hate you want concealed
    Providing more nutrition than my mother's early meals
    Cooked with protein and vegetables and a parent's concerned zeal,
    I eat with my mouth open until you use your hands like a seal
    over your eyes to neglect the stimulus that bangs on your ears like screwdrivers
    or pirates
    Whose laughs resound in heavens so the sky will cackle teal.

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    zzronposted 7 years ago

    I am speechless.

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    Eaglekiwiposted 7 years ago hows it workin for ya lol