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Looking for writing advice

  1. weholdthesetruths profile image60
    weholdthesetruthsposted 7 years ago

    I've never really done this before, so this is sort of a new venture for me.   I write for my own amusement, but, being so green, I have no feel for whether my fiction is good, bad, indifferent, horrifyingly bad, or ( I dont' even dare hope) amzingly good.   

    I have only written what amounts to be the introduction and the "setting" of the story, which is in the very near future, close enough that it has the contemporary feel, far enough I can invent plausibly in terms of technology and business and so on.  The story takes place in the real world, and will mention many real world places and busineses, but being a few years in the future leaves wiggle room to fictionalize many details.  It is meant to be a rather real life type of event and story. 

    I am not going to be able to change this one too much, as it is will on the way, but would appreciate writing critques and advice, so that I can apply them to my next effort at creative writing.   So, if you could be kind enough to read "The Last" which is now up to 4 or so hubs and give me input, it would be most appreciated.

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      allisonaaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      good luck with your work. i just finished a very interesting book that you might want to check out: Writing Begins with the Breath. Laraine Herring. She does not tell you what to write or how to write it, but gives great insights into how to think about what you write. title may sound pretty lame (and that's just what i thought when i started it) but it's actually really good. she's not much for slackin'--just dreamin' about being a writer--but really big on the "butt in the seat" thing...and she's absolutely right. and on that note, i gotta get my own butt in the seat. write on!!!

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    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    Read my hub "A ready Writer" that will put a little gas in your tank.

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      idreesfarooqposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Read my hub on the subject " Are You a Good Writer?" . You will get your answer.

  3. Apostle Jack profile image59
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    Read my hub on being "A Ready Writer" lots of points and consideration that you can pick and poke through.Just click on my picture.