The Power In Positive Living

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    hitalotposted 7 years ago

    We can't all play a winning game
    Someone is sure to lose;
    Yet we can play so that our name
    No one may dare accuse
    That when the Master Referee
    Scores against our name
    It won't be whether we've won or lost,
    But how we've
    played the game !
    ( In life we are given an assignment it's all about choices that we make in the day to day experience of life !)
    Choices that far too many of us in particular may take for granted ?
    Yet if we are willing to persist we can accomplish the goal in the power in positive living.
    * It's good to know that we are not in this game alone ?
    If we were it would be one Hell of a fit to win,
    Even Jesus himself needed help to lift the cross on his way to Calvary's mountain !
    We need each other to point one another home,
    The challenge to be set free is only a question of time ?
    Let us start helping one another;
    Please wear purple on October 20th to honor the gay and lesbian community;
    With their recent suicide's that have been going on ?
    Through the University's and College's abroad let us have an open mind and heart and start loving each other !
    Stop the senseless fighting before our nation grows colder !
    The power in positive living !