1. akader profile image59
    akaderposted 7 years ago

    Mom used to make cake
    She gives butter bread and milk
    I remember her breast milk
    I must thank!!!!!!

    Love and brotherhood she taught
    So patient till I stand on foot.
    She milked me with peace.
    She taught me caring and peace.
    We are a generation of peace,
    She thought.
    I must thank!!!!

    Someday, not any day!
    A bomb killed her in motherâ��s  day
    I had to give her flowers in that day
    No one will see her again
    That was the sin of man

    I must think!!!?

    Should I embrace weapon?
    Kill ,frustrate and destroy!
    No peace would govern.
    Crucify and break their machinery to a toy
    Nothing will happen!!!!

    I must think again!!!!

    Stop ! do not be wicked boy
    She comes in my dreams.
    I m your gentle angel;� boy �.
    She wrapped me in her tender beams
    And transcends to say,
    I have a word to say
    Wars have nothing in your world to say
    Blood shed, get it away
    Stay, there comes a love day!!!

    If you go who will stay..?
    Who ll hug me everyday

    I don�t know!!!!

    With whom I play
    To whom �I love you- should I say
    Who after you I must obey!

    I really don�t know!!

    Who ll tell happy birthday!
    Who ll cherish me
    Though I make you so angry?
    Who ll take us to school?
    Who around the table I see?
    All ,
    But you  dear!!!.

    You were the stream of my river
    The sun, the moon and the mirror
    The fragrance of the charming lover
    Committed and loyal to his dear.

    I must thank
    Then I think to bear,

    What did mothers tell�. ?
    What �s Eve �s will
    To Cain and Abel?
    May be they ll be back and tell!

    KADER 2011

  2. matherese profile image61
    mathereseposted 7 years ago

    Is that a duplicate of mothers day?