Have you ever sold your book(s) at street corners?

  1. pemekwulu profile image59
    pemekwuluposted 7 years ago

    Has anybody sold his or her books at street corners? 
    If your answer is yes, what kind of book(s)? 
    If your answer is yes, what was the nature of the response? 
    If your answer is yes, will you do it again?

    1. WHite Dove profile image61
      WHite Doveposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I have sold my books through a nationmal distributor, and didn't fair so well. They are EXPENSIVE!
      I have sold them door to door directly to my target audience. I sell them 5 & 10 at a time when I put them directly into the hands of the right people.
      I have had readings in libraries, sold them at conferences. Whle I have 6 published books, not all are appropriate for all audiences.
      My poetry books would be the ones I would hawk on a street corner.
      I am more concerned about being arrested for street peddling without a license.
      I wonder about selling them during street fairs??? hmmmmmmmmmm.
      Try at least and let us know. Nothing ventured- nothing gained!