conversation about a comedian

  1. N.E. Wright profile image81
    N.E. Wrightposted 7 years ago

    Once -- about 30 years ago -- I was walking in the driving pathway of my college campus with my English Lit professor laughing about Richard Pryor's jokes. 

    We were so into it that we forgot we were walking in the driving path.  Suddenly a student warned my professor of the car, and the two of us got out of the way as he thanked her.

    Out of harms way he suddenly laughed, and said, "Hey Natt?"

    "Yeah Professor?"

    "Didn't she sound just how Richard Pryor said White people talk?"


    "Come on!"

    "Yes Professor."  I nervously giggled while shaking my head.  While silently thinking, this man is a mess.

    Why was I uncomfortable with our conversation, well, my Professor was White.