My story outline

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    maria2994posted 6 years ago

    A young couple( John and Elizabeth) meet in highschool they get married after a year of being engaged they get married and honeymoon in Australia. Pirates chase after them and try to kill them but they loose them but end up ship wrecked on a deserted island they now have to survive on skills and each others company. They live there for 3 years before having a baby girl. The day the baby turns one a rich spoiled couple go boating with their baby boy who is the same age as the baby girl the rich couple’s boat sinks and the baby floats off in a different raft away from the parents landing on John and elizabeths island. The rich couple gets rescued and immediately search for the baby after a day or two John hears crying and finds the baby the baby is sick and needs help so they take him in and raise him like their own. At 16 the boy and girl start to fall in love. But the rich couple goes to every island in the area placing fake flowers for their lost son and they find John and elizabeths island. on a whim they start looking around the island they find the family and watch them for a few days till they discover the boys name and realize that it is their son. They rescue John Elizabeth
    the girl and the boy and take them back but soon after the boy and his parents move to the other side of the country and the girl is heart broken. She moves on and goes off to college 3 years later forgetting all about the boy. She meets a guy and goes on a date with him but isn’t really interested in him so she stares off into a distance and sees a guy who looks familiar she shrugs it off and moves on later she sees him in one of her classes and decides to approach him he smiles and pulls her into his arms and she freaks out….
    He asks if she remembers him she doesn't so he introduces himself and she gasps in shock and hugs him they start dating again and he finally proposes the keep it secret from their parents cause their parents hate each other and then decid to tell them they flip and forbid it and then accept it but the parents can't get along so it causes the couple to fight about were to have the wedding the parents see what they are doing to the kids and try to get along the parents sugest them gettingmarried at the girls birth place the couple loves it and agrees but the girl is scared to go back they end up going back and it's a dump malls strip clubs andhouses evey were the girl is furious and goes to the governor who throws her in jail the guy bails her out and she goesto the governernment  about it turns out the island is legally hers cause she was born there when it wasn't claimed so everyone leaves cause it's no longr part of the country and the girl restores everything and makes houses in the trees were the boy and girl get married and stay to live...

    This is only the out line of the first book I've been writing it for three years. I will be writing more if you have any questions feel free to ask and I can answer the best I can. I hope this inspires to you write smile just as long as it isn't my book wink good luck smile

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    CMHypnoposted 6 years ago

    Congratulations for writing for three years, but I do have a few questions:

    I don't know much about Australian law, but I don't think that they give you an island just because you were born there? And I don't think that there are any islands of any size in that part of the Pacific that have not been claimed as sovereign territory by some country or other

    Also, once the girl had chased all the people off the island how did she manage to get rid of all the malls, strip clubs and houses?

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      maria2994posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It's a fictional book haha it's not based on any truth of the real world and idk I haven't written that far yet like I said it's fiction and it's only an outline I will post chapters of my book as I finish them you will just have to wait till I get that far I've mostly done outlines of the books i am writing so just wait and see smile thanks for your opinion I'll put some more thought into the Australia thing smile