Black Roses murder mystery

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    jfay2011posted 6 years ago


    I am a new hubber.  I have recently self published my first murder mystery called Black Roses.  It is available online at a bunch of places.  It is doing well so far.  It's about two sisters.  One is a mom and has a daughter and a regular job.  The other chooses to be a stripper/prostitute.  She has racked up her credit cards travelling and lots of other stuff, landed herself in a heap of mess.  She strips at an underground strip club called Tangoes.  She's getting threat letters and all her johns are getting murdered.  She's a suspect.
    I recently got back from Los Angeles on Sunday.  I went out for a Pitch Fest.  150 writers went out.  They had a reception for us Friday night and we got to meet the two producers that were going to teach us how to pitch our books.  One looked like a young Ted Danson.
    The next morning one talked to us about his career and how to pitch our books.  Then we got divided into two rooms and got to practice pitching our books to one of the producers.  We each got three minutes.  After, they would tell us what to focus on.
    In the afternoon, seven of us would go into two rooms seven to each room.  We would all hop from seven producers in each room to pitch our books to them.  The real deal.  Three minutes each.  I think I did really well as far as I know.  They all seemed excited. Nobody interrupted me.  They asked me lots of questions.
    Like what movie I would compare it to.  I told them Basic Instinct.  I told them Naomi Watts would be good to play the stripper/prostitute.  One guy was close to laughing the whole time I was pitching so I gave him a first scenario from an adult video game I'm creating with someone.  He should get quite the kick reading it.  It's really funny.  My friend and I are getting it copyrighted soon.  Once that happens I will have more info on that.
    We don't know who is going to get picked yet to do projects.  The producers had to decide on so many of us.  One producer told me my book would make a great tv show or tv movie.  That was nice to hear.  Another guy asked me where I came up with all my ideas.  I said, "In my head."
    I had a really great time and got to meet lots of neat authors.  And I hope to hear back from someone.  But it's like winning the lottery.  You never know.
    I get to go to South Carolina for Sept. 22nd. Greenville.  They want to put me on their tv show for six minutes for an interview about my book.  It will reach 800,000 people.  I'm really excited.
    Who knows what will happen after that. 

    I'm more than half way through writing the sequel to Black Roses.
    That one the killer is going to target young mothers.
    By the time I go down to South Carolina the video game I am creating which a board game will also be coming out at the same time.  I should be able to tell a little more about them as it will be copyrighted and i will able to give a little snippet and what the object of the game is in my interview.

    Talk again later.