How to write a probable cause affidavit for "prohibited tattooing"

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    PJReidposted 6 years ago

    This report is for reference purposes and the names and addresses are fictitious. You can add additional information that pertains to your specific department's requirements but the formatting is pretty standard. Ideally if you are writing a police report it's better to write in first person so it doesn't confuse the reader. In addition, If you are doing the action the writing should reflect it (active voice versus passive voice). For example, if you transport a prisoner you would say "I transported the prisoner" and not "the prisoner was transported." Below is the report:

    On 5-4-07 I responded to a "prohibited tattooing" call at 123 Wind Street. I met with complainant Mary X who said that her 15 year old daughter Kim X was tattooed by John Doe. Mary said that John is practicing without a license and did not have authorization to tattoo Kim.

    I met with Kim, who said that she went with a friend to John's residence and he tattooed "Ariel" on Kim's lower back. Kim would not provide her friend's information. Kim said that she thought John had a business license, and she did not have consent from a guardian to get the tattoo.

    I met with John and read Miranda rights from prepared text. John waived his Miranda rights and stated that he used to work with Kim. John said Kim called him last month and asked if he could tattoo her. John said that when Kim came to his house yesterday to be tattooed he did not ask her if she had guardian consent because he assumed that she was 18 years old. John said that he tattooed Kim at his residence and has been doing tattoos in his residence while unlicensed for the past year. John said that he charged Kim $20 for her tattoo.

    Mary wished to prosecute and both Mary and Kim provided sworn statements. I photographed Kim's tattoo and placed the photograph and sworn statements into PD evidence.

    I issued John a citation for "Practicing Without a Business License" and a notice to appear for "Prohibited Tattooing of a Minor."