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2009 Interior Trends Predictions

Updated on October 4, 2008


Having just passed the mid point of 2008, WHoArtNow have been looking forward to next year. As an early prediction, were going with the environment and nature as the years biggest influences.

Timeless Curves

Timless curves is a hybrid of many different themes. Baroque abstract motifs or artwork work well with whites and blacks. If you've got the confidence to pull off this slightly in your face interior, mixing high tech (big screen Lcd tv's) with elegant colours and big bold canvas art can create a truly unique and personal interior.

'Timeless Curve'
'Timeless Curve'


As you'd expect from the name, Homemade is all about the rustic and natural look.Go for soft browns and off whites and combine with interesting and unique textures. Touch, smell and sight are all to be heightened if used correctly. Recycles furniture is awesome, and artwork can range from a photo, all the way to abstract canvas art.


Lets Play

Lets Play is all about your classic folk design.Maybe you like vibrant and bold colours? Well lets play is for you! Outrageous geometric shapes work well in this relaxing and work friendly interior. Works well in offices and studies.A great area to add some humour and personality to your space.

'Lets Play'
'Lets Play'

Oriental Sweetness

Oriental sweetness is about delicate oriental colours, highlighted with flat two tone colours, and floral images. Graceful and simple, this is a fantastic idea for a living room. We've seen consistent sales of all oriental floral images over the last four years, so it won't go out of fashion anytime soon either.

'Oriental Sweetness'
'Oriental Sweetness'


Its looking like 2009 is going to be a great year for interiors, and as more and more people decide to go all out, its going to be an interesting time.

As were only half way through 2008, we'll keep you posted on any additions to these predictions and we'll be introducing some special images from Frazier Boyd latter in the year so keep your eyes peeled here.

Would you consider any of these trends for your home?

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