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All About Papasan Chairs

Updated on June 3, 2013

If you have ever sat in a papasan chair, you will know what heights of comfort they can be. Papasan chairs are one of the most comfortable chairs you can find on the market today. The extra wide cushion will cradle you like a baby, with the wide bottom of the chair providing the maximum in solid support and strength. What’s more, a papasan chair will look good in almost any room of the house, adding a touch of architectural flair to a sitting room, club room, or any other spot in your home. These are beautiful chairs that provide an amazingly cozy place to read, watch television, unwind from a long day at work, or just while away a couple hours relaxing and dreaming. And oh yeah, papasan chairs are great for taking a nap in!

We have all seen papasan chairs in people’s homes, but you may be wondering a bit about them. You may want to know a little about papasan chairs and where they come from. Read on about these great pieces of furniture.

Papasan Chairs are nice to relax on.
Papasan Chairs are nice to relax on.

What Are Papasan Chairs?

If you were around at the time, you probably started seeing papasan chairs in people’s homes and apartments sometime in the 1960s. This is the period when papasan chairs first started being imported for sale in the United States. This type of chair comes originally from the Philippines, and for that reason is regarded as a piece of furniture with a tropical flair, with the idea of sipping on a tropical drink of crushed ice and coconut while sitting in these great chairs. The material that papasan chairs are made from also have a tropical feel to them, with the cushions made of soft cotton batting with covers ranging from natural white to more exotic reds and blues and greens. The base of the chair is traditionally fashioned from rattan but are sometimes made from wicker or wood, and some modern versions of the chair have frames made of plastic or metal.

When papasan chairs started showing up as part of American décor, rising in popularity through the 1970s, they went by a number of other names as well, including moon chairs and dish chairs. This type of chair was associated with a kind of easy and comfortable lifestyle in the 1960s and 1970s, and became a bit attached to the counterculture of the time. However, papasan chairs have been a favorite among anyone who loves their luxuriant comfort and striking appearance. These chairs have made a comeback as a style of furniture in recent years. There are even different kinds of papasan chairs that can be bought at some of the most popular and fashionable of furniture retailers.

Kinds of Papasan Chairs

The traditional papasan chair is made to comfortably and luxuriantly hold one adult sitter. The wide cushion on the sturdy rattan base cradles the body for almost any activity. Because the frame that holds the cushion is separate from the base of the chair, the upper sitting portion of a papasan chair can be tilted at a variety of angles for watching television, reading, relaxing, or sleeping. This diversity of uses is what makes a papasan chair such a popular and useful piece of furniture.

Over the years, a few variations have been made to the traditional papasan chair. Now, you can buy what has come to be known as the mamasan chair and even the babysan chair. A mamasan chair is larger than the papasan and is great for holding two people. You can snuggle up with your favorite guy or girl in your mamasan chair or with a kid or two for a nice bedtime story. Babysan chairs are made especially for infants in which babies can bounce and swing in. The junior size papasan chair is made just for kids and is a great addition to a play room or a child’s bedroom.

As mentioned above, the usual papasan chair is made from rattan or wicker. These traditional bases come in a variety of colors, either painted or stained in different shades of natural wood or a variety of designer paints. Add this to the fact that the cushions and cushion covers available for purchase come in many colors and patterns and you can see why a papasan chair can be a great addition to any room in the home. Also, for a more contemporary feel, papasan chairs are made from plastic or metal. These materials not only give an updated look to papasan chairs, they also can be quite convenient. Plastic is a bit lighter than rattan, while retaining the strength of support, while many of the metal frames are foldable so that you can move the chair aside or into storage easily and with minimal trouble.

With all of this variety in style in papasan chairs as well as their famous comfort, it is no wonder you are looking to purchase one for your home. Check out your favorite furniture retailers and start sitting in style!


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      That chair looks comfy. I hope its better than them adult sized bean bag chairs