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Aluminum Carport Kits - A Buyer's Guide

Updated on March 31, 2010

As with anything you purchase, aluminum carport kits are an investment of time and money so you must make careful considerations prior to purchase.  The best way to break down such considerations is by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum carports.  Aluminum materials are quite popular when it comes to outdoor construction.  In most cases, aluminum is second best to its cousin steel which is much more expensive to purchase.  The positive qualities of metal materials, far outreaches the negative so choosing an aluminum structure is already a good step in the right direction when it comes to making a wise investment in shelter for your valuables.  Carports are an excellent alternative because not only are they fairly easy to construct, they are also quite effective at providing cover for your assets.

Advantages - Durability, Structural Integrity, Functionality, and Appearance

Aluminum carport products are usually made with a combination of both aluminum and steel materials but it is definitely mostly aluminum when it comes to the roofing, siding, and trim. Steel is usually used for the support beams so that the overall structure will meet regional building guidelines. The durability of metal materials is such that it can withstand natural and manmade events including fires, wind, rain, snow, ice, and especially the harmful rays of the sun. At most, you may need to make minor repairs such as resealing a roof that is leaking but as far as constant maintenance goes, there really is none at all. The structural integrity depends highly on the manufacturer, but most companies only build products that will pass a building inspection so you can rest assured when it comes to withstanding the test of time.

The functionality of aluminum carport covers is one that most consumers don’t even realize until they have already purchased and installed a structure. Even though most purchase a carport to shelter a vehicle, they find in time that the shelter can be for multiple purposes including outdoor cooking, dining, and entertaining. The shelter can also come in handy for parties, yard sales, and as a play area for children when the weather outside is not cooperating. Most aluminum carport awnings are actually quite attractive in appearance when white in color. The white color matches very well with any style home that has white trim.

Disadvantages - Creatures, Tree Debris, Rust, and Hail Damage

The shelter beneath an aluminum carport cover is especially inviting for birds.  Do not be surprised to find that birds are using your carport as a shelter for their nests.  The shelter provides them with long-term protection from the weather and other creatures.  Tree debris tends to build up on top of a flat roof carport so it is recommended that you clear off debris a few times per year to ensure that the structure is not being weighed down by the weight of the debris.  Most metal carports also have gutters and unless you have installed gutter guards, you will also have to do periodic cleaning of the gutters. 

Rust is not going to be a likely problem especially if the aluminum components of your carport have been pretreated to make it more resistant to rust damage.  If you do notice rust anywhere on your carport, make sure you take care of the problem immediately because you do not want the problem to spread and become a structural problem.  Rust is usually a result to exposure to moisture so you will need to look for leaks in or around the rusty area.  Hail does tend to cause problems for metal structures because depending on the size of the hail, it will leave little dents on the surface.  A deep dent can damage the protective finish and begin to rust over time.

Other Things to Consider Before You Make a Purchase

The size of a metal carport kit is a determinant of how easy it will be to build and transport should you ever need to move it. The larger the structure the more the materials will weigh and unless you have equipment designed to lift heavy materials, you probably should stick to smaller less complex structure. It is important to get a good balance between size and style so you can better meet your needs and space available. Price may affect your decision making process greatly as well. If you have the budget to get an enclosed structure, it is definitely in your best interest to do so. Enclosed aluminum carport kits provide your valued property with full coverage as well as the option for you to install a locking device to the door. If needed, it is not difficult to install an alarm system to a carport because there is usually only one to two entry ways in most carport structures.


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