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Manufacturers of Steel Carports

Updated on March 31, 2010

Most consumers understand that steel carports are the best by far when it comes to durability and strength.  The metal carport market is however, flooded with infinite choices when it comes to brands, products, sizes, materials, finishes, and installations.  Infinite choices means you will need to weigh each option carefully in order to make a sound buying decision.  Unfortunately, hasty buying decisions usually result in getting the wrong size, type of installation, and overall poor quality for your hard earned money.  The location of the company or the company’s retailers should definitely play an important role in your decision making process.  Some companies offer shipping, assembly, installation, and a warranty with their products so it is highly important to look at all aspects of a type of product before making a purchase.  Here is a little more information about the three largest manufacturers and distributors of steel products.

Photo by American Steel Carports Inc.
Photo by American Steel Carports Inc.

American Steel Carport

American Steel Carports Inc. has locations in Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, and most recently Texas.  You can find an American Steel distributor in almost every state of the U.S. either directly or with the help of a local partner company.  American Steel is well known for their wide selection of open, partially enclosed, and fully enclosed structures.  They carry products that include everything from small sheds to large multi-door storage buildings and barns.  The company’s website is full of colorful pictures depicting their most popular structures and you can also fill out a request for a professional estimate.  You can easily download a company brochure which will give you more detail about the products.  The website also has a great informational video that shows the process of installing a large RV carport on site.  Customer testimonials are also available for your perusing if you are looking for more feedback about the company. 

All Steel Carports, Inc
All Steel Carports, Inc

All Steel Carport

All Steel Carports Inc. is a leader in the industry when it comes to steel manufactured products.  All Steel is located in Indiana but you can find All Steel products all over the nation via one of the company’s distributors.  All Steel carries a large selection of carports, garages, utility buildings, and agricultural buildings.  The company uses 14 gauge steel on standard products and offers premium 12 gauge steel as an upgrade on any of their products.  The company also uses 29 gauge steel sheeting in sizes from 3ft wide to as long as 36ft if needed.  The sheeting is considered one of the highest in quality that is currently available in the U.S.  All Steel also offers customization of many of their products including color and accessories like doors, windows, gable ends, and extra panels.  Check the company’s website for more information about their products.  Pricing, options, and locations are available upon request.

Carolina Carport

Caroline Carports Inc. is well known for providing consumers good quality steel products and manufacturing. The company is located in North Carolina but their products are distributed nationwide to local retailers in your area. Check the company’s website for retailers near you. They carry a wide selection of both certified and uncertified buildings. Certified buildings are specifically designed by an engineer to meet national wind and snow load requirements. You should always check with your county inspector to make sure that a product meets the minimum requirements for your area. Certified products are covered under an optional warranty. The company also offers customization of all of their products including style, width, length, and height. Other options like doors, windows, framing, and trim are also available for an extra fee.

Steel carport kits have revolutionized the shelter industry by providing consumers with a sturdy and durable alternative for shelter. Most steel carports for sale today arrives in a kit format because it is much easier for a manufacturer to complete most of the building process at their facility. A steel carports kit should arrive at your location at least 80% built in order for it to be worth your investment because time is money. Be careful when shopping for a portable structure because many companies promise portable steel carports but in reality they are only portable with the help of large machinery that the average consumer does not own or have access to.

Before you make a purchase or customization request make sure you are well informed about the local construction guidelines in your county. Most counties require that you submit paperwork for all of the necessary permits prior to the beginning of the installation process. Most local contractors and building companies can also provide you with all of the requirements for buildings and outdoor structures in your area. Most manufacturers build products that will pass the minimum requirements in your area but that does not mean that they are ready to go. You still need to fill out all of the appropriate paperwork.


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