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Metal Carport Kits - Choosing the Right Materials

Updated on March 31, 2010

Choosing from the many available metal carport kits on the market today may take some important considerations including size, style, color, and materials.  Most consumers spend most of their time looking at the overall appearance of a structure rather than the structural integrity including quality of materials and craftsmanship.  There are many different types of metal materials being used in the manufacturing of carports and each manufacturer has a different method of creating products.  Most metal carports for sale today are made of steel, aluminum, or alumawood which is a metal material that is designed to look very much like wood.  Similar to vinyl, alumawood is more durable than actual wood materials so even though the structures have a wooden quality, they are way more durable.

Overview of Aluminum Materials

Aluminum carport kits are currently the most popular because they are less expensive than steel carport kits. Aluminum may seem less sturdy and durable when compared to steel but it is actually quite strong especially if it has been anodized. The process by which aluminum is anodized results in a material that is much stronger than regular aluminum. Most aluminum carports contain steel supports which is a good indication of how durable and sturdy the structure will be even under harsh weather conditions. The portability of aluminum structures is a result of the use of lightweight materials instead of heavy steel and wood.

Most portable metal carports are made of mostly aluminum materials. Depending on the size you choose, you should have no problem relocating you structure should the need arise. Steel carports can be moved but the move may require machinery that is intended for heavy lifting and transport. When making your purchase make sure you find out exactly how your metal carport kit is going to arrive at your location. The mode of transport is usually a good indication of how portable a structure really is. If the structure arrives on a large hauler containing special lifts in order to situate the pieces on site then you will probably have a difficult time transporting those pieces yourself someday.

Steel is Stronger but Also More Costly

Steel outdoor structures are by far the most durable when it comes to withstanding the strength of weather related events. Steel also fairs better when it comes to withstanding long-term exposure to the elements. Fire is no match for steel as well. Many consumers simply look at the ticket price of a product rather than the benefits and carports are no exception. The price, appearance, and style of a carport is insignificant if it is not made of good quality materials. Consumers have to remember that even though a product is made of metal, that does not necessarily indicate that the product is going to be durable. The way a steel structure is manufactured and assembled has a lot to do with how strong it is going to be in the long run.

When shopping for steel products make sure you are looking at the overall structural integrity of the structure. How the steel seams are created and how the joints come together is very important. If you are unsure what to look for, make sure you consult with your local construction codes office. A code enforcement agent should be able to tell you what is considered top of the line when it comes to steel manufactured products. Most metal carport kits on the market today are likely to meet the local building codes in your area but before you begin to install the structure you will need to fill out all appropriate paperwork.

What is Alumawood?

Alumawood is an aluminum product that is intended for the construction of outdoor structures because it has all of the durable qualities of aluminum but the appearance of wood. Alumawood comes in all kinds of finishes including color and texture or simulated wood grain. Most Alumawood structures are covered by a warranty. Most manufacturers that use Alumawood materials also promise that the structures are completely maintenance free. You should never have to paint or fix anything on the structure under normal weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions may cause damage but not to the structural integrity of the product.

Most alumawood carports are considered quite portable because again, the materials are lighter in weight in comparison to wood and steel. To determine if you have found a portable metal carport, make sure you ask the retailer about the total weight of the structure. The total weight is a good indication as to how portable a structure is because most pickup trucks have a weight limit. So if your pickup truck can’t handle it, then it isn’t portable.

Before you purchase a carport of any type of material, make sure to do your homework. Find out what other consumers think of the product and materials. Read reviews make by previous customers to determine if the product delivers exactly what it promises. It is common for a metal carport for sale today to come with some kind of material and craftsmanship warranty. The duration of the warranty will vary greatly depending on the material you choose but nonetheless, having the extra assurance is even worth paying an extra fee for.


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      Nathan 5 years ago

      Use Alumahangers on Alumawood patio covers to hanger stuff with out leaving holes from screws. Just google Alumahangers to find the products.