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Antler Chanelier from the deer antler chandelier to the faux models

Updated on January 24, 2013

When building a cedar home or custom log home antler chandeliers just seem part of the backdrop. A large stone fireplace towering twenty feet to the peak of the cathedral ceiling room is the quiet masterpiece that quietly makes a statement. Rock, exposed log trusses, interior 1”x6” tongue and groove pine on the vaulted ceiling, and the glow of a fire can make anyone dream of a custom home nestled at the base of a mountain side. An antler chandelier is the perfect way to compliment the interior home design as described above.

Antler chandeliers, commonly made with either candelabra light bulbs, some with shades some without, can be suspended over the room by anchoring it to the ridge beam of the house. Especially the genuine elk, caribou, or moose antler chandeliers are very heavy. One electrician I spoke with recently hung a huge chandelier in a Jackson Hole, Wyoming lodge. He told me it had to be lifted into place with a machine and it took a logging chain to hold it up.


Elk Antler Chandelier and other large animals

Of the North American animals these three are some of the largest. Massive antlers actually make their heads tip sideways at times after one sheds off and the other is still present. So chandelier compositions made from these would most commonly be the heaviest. But just because they weigh a lot does not mean that they are not suitable for a private home as well. Lodges have to make a statement in their décor. It is part of how they impress their visitors and keep them returning. If someone is spending a lot of money to visit a lodge, they don’t want to feel like they are walking into a tea room.


Antler chandeliers are simply one way that the western feel is conveyed. And this is true in private homes as well, though you may not the ‘returning visitors’ all the time. (A side note: If you do have someone that keeps visiting right at mealtime I guess you could leave a restaurant check on the table for them. Or you could try the old Dear Abby solution of letting the house pets lick the plates after the meal and then returning them directly to the cabinets. – And then washing them right after the ‘guest’ leaves. I have some extended family I might try that on…) Anyway, when a big fireplace and a cathedral ceiling is part of your motif, an antler chandelier is a nice choice. Moose, caribou, and elk antler chandeliers are also fine for a private home. Smaller light compositions of this type of antlers hang majestically in many homes we have built.


Antler Chandelier

Antler Chandelier by fichdnld flickr
Antler Chandelier by fichdnld flickr

Deer Antler Chandelier


Deer antler chandeliers are also very popular. Most commonly made from whitetail deer sheds, the antlers are smaller and not so heavy. A light arrangement of a few antlers to a dozen or more allow different design features to a room. The more antlers that are in a light fixture the more tines that are sticking up, down, and outward. This gives a very full look to the light. A chandelier made from just one antler would look fairly plain. So I prefer the higher antler count.


Mule deer antler chandeliers can also be found. Mule deer are larger deer with bigger racks. Living here in the West, they can be found in the mountains. The white tails love the river bottom land and farm land, but the mules occupy the mountains. Their larger racks offer another size to choose from before you get to the elk and moose. Cabalas has a nice authentic mule chandelier for sale. Probably the mule deer and the caribou chandeliers are the hardest to locate.

Faux Antler Chandelier Design Element #1

Because wild deer, moose, caribou, and elk shed their horns every year towards the middle to end of winter, there are lots of genuine antlers to be found to make light fixtures from. But there is also the replica or faux antler chandelier. The main difference is that the authentic are truly from the animals. The faux, much less expensive most of the time, are actually more common to see that the actual antlers directly from the wild.


Two design elements have to do with the lights themselves. If purchasing a faux antler chandelier be careful to look very closely at the dimensions of the light fixture. One antler chandelier I purchased I was really disappointed in. It was a 5 light composition and it had four antlers coming out of it. Looking good in the magazine and looking nice hanging from the ceiling are two different things. It turned out to be the smallest little chandelier you can imagine. I ended up moving it out of the great room and sticking it in the loft. In the great room it looked almost like a child’s toy hanging from the rafters. So size does matter. There is no way a manufacturer can take a short cut and make an authentic antler chandelier smaller, but they can sure short cut the faux ones. With careful consideration and inspection of the light measurements you can still purchase a faux and be happy with it.

Deer Antler Chandelier

Deer Antler Chandelier from CDN antler flickr
Deer Antler Chandelier from CDN antler flickr

Antler Chandelier Design Element #2

Another design element concerns mixing the interior lighting with the antler chandelier. The antler chandelier was chosen for its beauty and uniqueness for a room. It alone is not enough to light a room, so track lighting or recessed lighting is also needed. The chandelier bulbs should not be shining so bright that it takes away from the chandelier. I have written about this same concept in my chandelier lighting hub, but it is very true with the antler chandelier as well. If trying to use the chandelier to shed lots of light, then the design element has been lost. The light is shining so brightly that you don’t even notice the light fixture that you have carefully selected for the room and paid extra money to obtain. So don’t short cut things, and add other lighting as appropriate.

Antler chandeliers are a perfect way to enhance a home and gain more of the western feel. From small chandeliers to large, originals to faux, there is something that complements every home that’s owners are looking for a ranch, lodge, or log home flair. To illuminate your outdoor space Outdoor Chandeliers rise above the occasion.

Antler Chandelier on the web


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    • jtstunner profile image

      jtstunner 8 years ago

      Nice hub great way to go through the different elements of antler chandeliers


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