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Use Bidet Toilet Seat for Hygiene and Cleanliness

Updated on April 9, 2013

Using a bidet toilet seat is a way much more better than using toilet paper in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. A bidet seat is a toilet seat that has a built in bidet that can perform the cleansing after using the toilet. It operates with water that shoots out from a pressure nozzle while the user is still sitting on the seat. This device is controlled via a control panel that attached to the side of the seat or a separate remote control that the user can hold in hands.

A bidet seat used to be considered a special item that only used by wealthy and health conscious people, but not anymore. Bidet comes in a variety of designs and features. The basic piece only performs the cleansing task or ‘just shooting the water to your backside’ while the premium one has features such as water temperature and pressure control, mixing with shampoo, heater element on the seat, deodorizer and gems killer.

A basic seat cost range from hundred to few hundred dollars plus. The differences on the cost depend on the brand, design and the quality of the seat itself.

So for those who want to save on this, they can opt for a bidet attachment instead.

A bidet attachment is a piece of device that you can install to your toilet while still using the same old toilet seat. Normally there is a small control panel that you can use to control the water pressure and to activate it. A simple push on the button will make it to perform the cleansing task.

Bidet Toilet Seat
Bidet Toilet Seat

Premium bidet seat, on the other hand provides you with more luxurious feels and functions. It does not come cheap with the price ranging from few hundreds to up to thousand plus. The premium version is a way better and advanced from the basic one.

Besides, the ability to control the pressure and speed of the water, you can also control the temperature. This is useful for people who have hemorrhoids problem where warm water is needed to ease or relief the pain on that area.

Moreover, it provides you a better hygiene option where you can add shampoo to a special compartment where the device will mix it with water before doing the cleansing. Some seats even have the heating element and this is useful especially for people who live in cold weathered countries. Just push a button and the heating element will make the seat warm within a minute.

Whichever type of bidet seat you choose, you are heading towards a more hygienic way of life. Don’t depend on the toilet paper too much especially if you have hemorrhoid problem. Besides, with a bidet seat, you can now save more trees since lesser will be turned into paper that use to wipe your bottom.

Amazon offers some varieties of bidet toilet seat and as well as the bidet attachments but it is limited to the certain brands and models. If you are looking for a specific model and brand, you might need to search through the internet. There are few online stores that offer deals than Amazon.

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