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Children's Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips

Updated on October 22, 2011

Once your child outgrows their old bedroom as they become older, for instance from being a toddler to being a child. Now, when choosing things for your child's bedroom furniture there are a few considerations to be made like, the bed may need to be sized according to the child’s height.

Sometimes parents like to decorate their child's room with a new rug, nice decorative curtains and ofcourse, paint the walls a different and exciting color. When you first decorated your baby's room, the decisions were all on dependant on you.

However, this time around, you're probably dealing with an opinionated, finicky, bossy, adorable child who is short but has a loud mouth. You two will have a lot of arguments about choices and maybe a few about prices, so get ready to do a bit of negotiating with your child and be prepared to lose the argument.

Some good ways to shop are by shopping online, thus you might be saved from public negotiating. It may also save you the trouble of going from one store to another to compare prices, brands, and styles with your child constantly complaining of becoming bored or losing interest.

Quite a few home furnishing companies provide brilliant quality images on their websites to give you a fairly good idea of the product. However, remember that just because it looks good on the website, doesn't mean it will look good in your child’s room too as these shots are professionally styled.


The best way to bring about your child’s' room style and theme is by using bedding.

Now there is no need to get/obtain perfect matches, as there are many great looks created by throwing in some not so perfect together things, a not so perfect thrown together look can be fun but be careful, as you don't want any major clashing. Style can be chosen through various ways.

  • Color

    The blue for boys and pink for girls motif is something that most people try, but you can try something a little different. Communication is the key when it comes to getting your little one their desired bedroom, ask them which color they want and then work with them on it.

    After all, letting them choose color will not only make them feel like they are a part of decorating but also they would be more willing to let you make the decision regarding the furniture. The whole give and take idea, children love being included. Go online to check out some good wall color choices, choose one with your child and see their smiles as they decorate their room.

  • Pattern

    Accenting a room with patterns is a great way to enliven it and make it interesting too without overstepping the line of showing off.  If you purchase patterned bedding then go with plain solid throw pillows. If you choose a rug with patterns, keep the curtains simple. Some basic, but great patterns to choose from are: checks, polka dots, toile, plaid and stripes.

  • Theme

    Ask your child what theme they want, ask if they want a barbie theme or a princess theme or a toy story theme or any theme. Ask them! Let them know that their choices are important and that their opinion is what matters most.

    Once they tell you what they want, work around it and create their dream bedroom. I bet you thought that you were done right, I mean you got the bedding but you need to put it on something right?

Bed Extras

A good night's sleep isn't just what a room is about! Don't forget some bed-related products. They all contribute to making your child's time in the bedroom more enjoyable and comfortable.

These are; a night stand, a step stool, some lamps and a night light to keep the monsters away. Obviously you need a good bed too for the child, ask them what they want, come on don't be stingy!

Desks And Some Desk Accessories

Teach your child that studying is a good habit by buying them a desk and making a homework area for them to work in. Encourage reading by filling bookshelves with books to read. Buy them a desk, a shelf and a bookcase.

Storing Space

Buy them a place to keep their toys, their clothes and other items like a dresser, a toy chest and other such items.

Buy a chair for them to sit in, buy some toys and make the room enjoyable for your child!

Make sure what you buy is safe for your child to use, there should be no sharp edges and make sure it is long lasting so even with your child tenuous acts it won't be broken or harmed too much.

You need to determine the price range yourself, so before going shopping check out the prices and tell your child the range from before.

It might be tedious and quite bothersome for you to shop hard for your child’s bedroom but in the end it will be worth it. So have fun!

Professional Tips For Your Child's Bedroom Furniture


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