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Grow canary date palm trees, the incredibly big plant from the past

Updated on September 2, 2012

Date palm trees probably are one of the oldest trees that have been around for more than thousands of years. Its origin is believed from the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, then brought to Europe through Spain, and introduced by Portuguese in America through Mexico.

Now you can easily find them grow almost everywhere. Back in the days date palm trees were very important food source because it can provide a good amount of nutrition from its famous date fruits.

Today you can expect to taste over 300 kinds of date fruits available mostly from the Saudi Arabia, the biggest date fruit exporter in the world. The most common type among date palm trees is the Phoenix dactylifera or you may just call it the Phoenix palm.

There are more than a dozen of phoenix species, and all can produce date fruits. They can easily grow in their natural habitat, from the famous Canary Islands, to Africa continent, Europe as well as Asia countries.

The phoenix plant species can grow from a relatively small to unbelievable big in term of size and length. Another interesting fact about this palm tree is because you can find male or female trees.

Just like human or animal they need each other to produce seeds and eventually the fruits. How this miracle happens? Naturally, the pollen from the male plant will be carried to the females by wind and insects. In today of modern plantation this important part of growing seed will be carried out by human.

The date palm trees can grow very well in the hot areas; they can tolerate high heat that is why you can expect to see these trees to grow in the desert. Most types of Phoenix species can only grow to maturity and produce fruits in ten years.

Tall canary date palm

Canary date plant probably is the most common of all phoenix species.

It is the biggest of among them, the tree can grow up to 18 meter in height and the leaves at the top can grow up to 4 meter long.

As the name suggest this type of palm tree originated from the canary islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nowadays the canary date palm is cultivated almost everywhere, and you can see them grow tall along a wide road, in a hotel front yard or back yard, golf courses, along the beaches.

Its majestic feature becomes favorites for decorating anyone’s garden.

If you decide to grow canary date palm in the backyard, please make sure to plant it within a distance from any structures, because it need an adequate amount of space to grow.

The canary date palm relative slow in growing.

So you can buy a resale tree trunk that is available from the palm tree grower.


Unique dwarf date palms

What make dwarf date palms (Phoenix acaulis) so special are because of its trunk-less feature it seems to have. They origin from Nepal and northern India, and in average the trunks size are only 15 cm in diameter. This type of date plants are commonly found in the area with fewer water supplies.


Small pigmy date palm

Just like dwarf date palms, the pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebellenii) is well-known because of its small appearances and easy to grow ability.

Their origins are from most of Asian countries, with Southern China, Laos, and Vietnam to be the major population.

Pigmy date palm can be domestically grown, with one trunk and single crown full of leaves. The tree can grow below 3 meter in height, and is rarely seen to grow taller than 3 meter.

You can still grow these types of date palm inside a building, but at some degree it still needs exposure to direct sun-light. However full sun-light in the open space hotter area is the most preferable condition for this plant to grow better.

Tasty date palm fruit

The date palm fruit is a seasonal fruit, so supply for fresh fruits is somehow limited, nevertheless you can still enjoy the dried or preserved date fruit all year-long, but I would prefer the fresh ones, because they taste better.

However the good news that fresh dates can get frozen really well and you can enjoy them anytime you want.

The date itself has a single seed, and it has a shape of oval almost cylindrical. Newly pick dates have bright yellow or bright red colors, depending of the species. The worldwide production is limited by a few numbers of countries in Middle East.



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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 4 years ago from Some tropical country

      Hello eugbug, you are quite right I've never grown plant trees myself, perhaps there are certain conditions should be done in order to get them grow bigger, I think apart from soil and water, you might want to find for the right temperature, fertilizer, moisture, light, and so on. Nevertheless you have this one experience in growing palm trees so please try again and let me know :) Cheers

    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 4 years ago from Ireland

      I've tried to grow date palms several times from stones taken from dates bought in a store. For some reason the plants reach a height of about 6 inches and then stop growing even though they are in a glass house which gets quite warm. Must be something to do with the soil or water.

    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      Hi Kaili Bisson, yes do are wonderful, thanks for stopping by...

    • Kaili Bisson profile image

      Kaili Bisson 5 years ago from Canada

      Fresh dates are wonderful...interesting hub!