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Discount Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Updated on June 22, 2009

Discount outdoor rugs are excellent ways to add design and style to your patio or porch.  Indoor outdoor rugs come in extensive selection of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials.  Most outdoor rug materials are durable and weather-resistant so they can become permanent fixtures.  You can easily coordinate an outdoor rug with other components like an umbrella, furniture, accent pillows and even cushions.  The large selection of rugs creates an endless amount of combinations that could work for your outdoor space.  When shopping for an indoor outdoor rug, you must first decide on a size, shape, and material that will best fit the space you have available. 

Photo by ha! designs @
Photo by ha! designs @

Small or Large Outdoor Rugs

Determining rather you need small or large outdoor rugs is probably the most crucial decision you will make.  The decision is going to be highly dependent on the size of your porch or patio.  Discount outdoor rugs come in various sizes to fit just about any size area.  Begin by measuring the space you have available.  Then determine if one or more rugs are going to be needed to make the space function and flow well.  Do you want the rug to be centered in the space or used to create a comfortable seating area?  Is the rug going to be a main design element or treated as an accent piece to other larger components of the space?

Small and large outdoor rugs can be purchased online or at home improvement stores.  Larger rugs are going to cost more to ship but they can easily and conveniently cover an area without the need for additional floor coverings.  Many websites sell large indoor outdoor rugs at discounted prices and with minimal shipping costs.  Depending on your shopping criteria you can easily find a great bargain online if you take the time to do a little homework.

Square, Rectangular, or Round Outdoor Rugs

Deciding whether to purchase square, rectangular, or round outdoor rugs is another major decision you will have to make. The shape of the indoor outdoor rug should be consistent with the shape of your space. For instance, a round patio would accommodate a round outdoor rug perfectly. A rectangular rug or two square rugs would work well for a rectangular porch. Use your design skills to create a space within a space or a room within a room. The shape of the rug could be used in other pieces throughout the space to create a uniform look or design scheme.

Different shaped indoor outdoor rugs can easily be found online. Unique shapes are going to be a little more difficult. For instance round outdoor rugs are considered modern in design so they are quite a bit harder to find and usually more expensive than standard rectangular and square shapes. Use your web skills to shop around and find a size and shape of rug that will best fit and function in your outdoor space.

Quality Materials and Extensive Selection of Duracord Outdoor Rugs

There are many different types of materials used in the making of weather-resistant discount outdoor rugs.  Duracord outdoor rugs are made with DuraCord fabric that is hand-hooked by expert skilled craftsman.  The quality material is softer and more durable than any other outdoor rug material.  The rugs are designed to withstand frequent traffic and all types of outdoor conditions.  The fine-Spun solution dyed yarns are also durable enough to retain their vibrant colors and softness level forever.  The material dries quickly after being wet to prevent mildew from settling in. 

All Duracord outdoor rugs are designed so they are easily cleaned even with bleach if needed.  You can find Duracord rugs in a variety of sizes, patterns, and vibrant colors.  You can purchase a large selection of Duracord indoor outdoor rugs online.  Discount outdoor rugs by Duracord can also be found online or at department stores.  When purchasing a Duracord product keep in mind that the price is well worth the quality and durability of each product’s material and craftsmanship.


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    • profile image

      Outdoor Rugs 7 years ago

      Duracord rugs are great. Olefin is also a great material to consider. Either way, you are correct that outdoor rugs can make a big difference in the way your porch or patio looks and feels.